Download the application expressly for iPhone and Android sarahah 2018 explanation of the delivery method

Link to download the application clash of his official messages board, free

Send letters and comments to anonymous’s ward and sleep impress a lot of people and many applications that provide a service to receive and send messages , including the application of the conflict who have achieved and continue to achieve record breaking figures and a world where the latest uproar among users of social networks the idea of its possible to send messages without the show name and find out the opinion of others. you stated your flaws without any embarrassment through the site of the conflict. learn how to create account explicitly publish the name of the user and start receiving anonymous letters and identification of the ray society and your followers in your personality .

What is the website explicitly sarahah com?

Was created Exchange Web site on the date of November 19, 2016 by the programmer, the Tunisian zine el Abidine tawfik , the idea of the site in the beginning is knowing your flaws and cognac from friends and staff at work, and surprise is and can apply the conflict has spread in a spectacular way in the social networking sites and apps used by people to find out the opinions of others towards them, quite frankly, where he lay knew of the sending of that sentence or phrase or message him and don’t know its source nor the state sent him a letter, so the website owner doesn’t know that.

Exchange Web site is one of the newest sites on the internet, it is by creating your own account through this site you can get constructive criticism from your friends and acquaintances or co-workers without the knowledge of the author of this opinion or the emergence of Sender Name and send anonymous letters .

The numbers of traders and users of the website expressly has exceeded two million people, although its launch five months ago. just last November, he became the of the most famous networking sites 2017

Once you login to the website expressly show you that everyone’s “are you ready to face conflict? Get cash to build the confidentially of your colleagues at work true you”, the

After you complete the registration process on the site will your account on your friends to give their opinions you freely, which helps you figure out your advantages and disadvantages you so you can improve the print , where the site of struggle a target the first and last is that you get constructive criticism about your character from your friends in daily life and enhance your strengths and address the weaknesses and strengthen your friendships with all the people around you by knowing the characteristic of your personality and disadvantages and by measuring your friends, send messages, constructive critic to link your account without your knowledge of their personality, so you should post a link to your account so you can get messages .

After the spread of the site of struggle must be users are constantly looking for the application of his struggle on the mobile phone and they were facing problems due to load apps not official and that the absence of a formal application for his struggle earlier .

But now you can download the application clash official on your mobile phone the various types of devices or operating systems which you can download the application explicitly sarahah 2017 for iPhone, ladies free .

Download the programme of struggle for iPhone sarahah 2018

The number of downloads the app on devices EVO for more than 3.9 million was download the app on Android devices more than a million times almost. The total number of registered users in the site, skip the 15 million people according to official figures.

We have investigated the application of stringent in-Store app store App Store ranked first in 13 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, In addition to Australia. While the link to the list of Top 10 apps in the same App Store in countries such as Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand.

تحميل تطبيق صراحة sarahah
Download the application explicitly sarahah

A lot of users look like their from this app where it gives you the opportunity to know the opinion of your people without knowing their names, there are team showed his displeasure of this app where it says to break human feelings, adds the ability of conflict between others.

But come the app features attractive to users more than ever through the site of his conflict has raised the application of rigorous controversy between supporters and opponents of Don’t but this led to the increase of fictional this site and after that, the programmer developed the site and created application on the Google Play website for phones that are running Android so everyone can use sarahah effortlessly both of your computer or smart phone.

The application explicitly and Usk FM and the application of the CY?

Application depends explicitly of the most famous sites that are traded strongly on social media these days it shares much with the application of Ask Usk FM that has spread extensively to ask questions and the answers on your own account .

But his struggle makes you know the opinions of others you easily, and give your opinion without disclosing your personality, making the person able to change himself for the better through the opinions of others, and that’s what led to the spread of this site on Facebook and twitter and was impress a lot of people ,meeting exchange application, the attention of users of the social networking sites facebook and twitter and Instagram, which says to show the users their opinion on their friend via anonymous letters, which express the opinions and the attitudes of those around them on the aforementioned app ,Space to talk freely, to know the opinions of those around you in all candor, to divulge to you for the first time how they see without fear of clash between your or be affected by your relationship, these are the nurses who provided her the location of his struggle to turn in the day and night to help talk to the most important through social networking sites, attracts young Arabs from all over the place and of different ages and nationalities .

The site explicitly the New is different from the idea of where there’s no possibility to answer and no messages displays only the account owner and sender of course may be similar to the application of Sayat sayat , and has been the site of several interruptions due to Big Web application, a new form of communication emerged strongly during the financial period, through a site called explicitly , the spread position of conflict between the pioneers of social networking sites, and his name highlights the objective-based war, and the conflict absolute both among friends and some are to learn your benefits and disadvantages or even co-workers fact, to enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Features the application of his struggle sarahah new

  • Is a totally free application you can download it easily and safely on your phone
  • You can download it on phones Android and iPhone OS
  • You can use it in two languages Arabic and English
  • Lets you retain the messages that got you like by clicking on impress under each letter of as a factor to be retained in the list of private messages favorite .
  • Lets you explicitly control the people anonymous who can send a message to your account any you can allow the independence of messages from people not registered to work in the application explicitly.
اعدادات تطبيق صراحة 2017
The settings apply explicitly 2018
  • You can also prohibit the owners of the spam without the knowledge of the author of the letter
  • You can through the Settings Application to explicitly control the appearance of your At Sea days can not know your account and send a message to me if you did publish it
  • You can share messages through social networks dissemination of the question
مميزات تطبيق صراحة الرسمي
Features the application of stringent official

Personal knowledge of the sender’s location explicitly

Spread the phrase as a way to attract visitors dramatically at several sites claiming that there is a way to find out the identity of the sender in the position of conflict which is the address of the free press as to the identity of the sender there is no way never to learn it because it simply does not register his identity or record any data to be detected simply knowing the address of any person on the website explicitly, you can send the message without any restrictions and without having to register or even install any program you have , So don’t believe any site put the address of a fabricated bearing knowledge ” of the sender in the position of explicitly ” or ” reveal the identity of the sender in the position of explicitly ” or ” figure out who sent you in a position of conflict, ” because all those titles are deceptive and do not try to download any program or application that is you know the sender when you install it you have because it will definitely be a trick, a malicious application may steal your confidential information .

Publish your account at the site expressly.

As we mentioned to be able to receive messages from your colleagues and friends on your account in the application of stringent have to publish your account in the social networking sites to be able to define the hermits link your account and how they can send messages.

Through harnessing the link to your account and put in the house or box site at the expense of Instagram your also you can share your account in a publication on the Facebook app, or put it in your egg to your account to be able to any person from seeing the link at any time .

Explain delivery method in a conflict of sarahah

After downloading the application explicitly and download it on your phone as soon as you start running you will appear to offer its features as follows

مميزات تطبيق صراحه
Features of the application explicitly.

You can plan to look using the application and the registration in the application explicitly, or set up an account explicitly new

Look the process up to the application to explicitly Kai from social applications where the choice of your app in the start log if you have a previous account or register on the site if you don’t have an account already

التسجيل في صراحه
Shopping in a conflict.

After the tolerance test in a conflict or create a new account by clicking on the New account as described , then begin steps to fill the data required explicitly to set up a new account such as email or user name that you want and your account name on clash and password

التسجيل في
Shopping in

It be own account on the social network explicitly, and you can send messages to others without your knowledge and receiving messages from the anonymous to for opinions honestly .

تطبيق صراحه sarahah 2017
The application of rigorous sarahah 2017


How to delete account clash?

From the Hyper wall which made his position explicitly become equivalent to users from a lot of problems and spam and the psychological problems that drive the user to send messages to yourself

And with the proliferation of massive picture messages got to some people and the content may seem strange or not make sense or its too much hate.

It is the Hyper strangeness of some letters complaining about some in their credibility, especially with the presence feature is not available in the “conflict” is the possibility that the user sends messages to yourself,

To illustrate this the founder of the site though as follows :

Regarding the possibility that the user sends messages to yourself, said the founder of zine el Abidine ” if this is not manageable, because the site does not record any data about the person sending the message, if you log someone out of the site don’t appreciate about preventing it from sending a message to me the same,” added abdin, he can’t be sure if it was some strange messages that have spread recently to the messages are fake messages “sent by the mission to themselves” or real messages, adding that there is no way to know that or to prevent someone from contacting the same.

Assured zine el Abidine that the site does not record any kind of data on persons, the senders of messages, not even IP address, or the location of the sender of the message. This prevents from detecting any data in the future .

But we find a lot resort to delete his account on the site explicitly get rid of them permanently , you know here’s a way to delete the account explicitly :

  • Look steps to register your account from the site or the site being there is no option to delete the account and explicitly on the application sarahah 2018 .
  • Click on the item Options button in the top of the page
حذف حساب صراحة
Account deleted explicitly
  • Then it will show you a range of options to select the item to delete the account
حذف حسابك في موقع صراحه
Delete your account in the site of the conflict.

Then confirm your desire to delete your account on clash of by clicking on the Delete as it is in the picture

حذف حساب صراحة نهائيا
Delete account explicitly final

How do I ban the account on the conflict?

Therefore the application or the site explicitly all of the social networking sites where messages and spammy accounts that bothering the user because it to delete the account , but when you use the application explicitly will be able to ban any account without knowing the name of the user only through registered or anonymous letter which he sent by this account

حظر الاشخاص على صراحة
Banning people explicitly

Link to download the application expressly for iPhone and Android free sarahah 2018

Download the application clash for iPhone

Download app struggle Android

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