Download the application is ready to connect requests for food or eat my house in Ramadan 2018

The application is ready for restaurants, Delivery free online

Became American food delivery to home is a regular thing for many people, but in the presence of the technology and applications of smart phones has increased it’s ease of evacuation of the download months applications delivery and food delivery on the phone and order food from restaurants directly through the app and connect the most home free a special in the month of Ramadan 2018 blessed that abound in the table and spells , in this topic of our site, how technology will offer you the application ready for restaurants apply ready to Delivery online free in short , the application is ready to control your orders with the delivery service and follow demand accurately.

About the platform, ready to connect application :

تحميل تطبيق جاهز
Download apps ready

I started the idea of establishing a technology platform for multiple electronic services at the end of 2014, and those services connected to food (restaurants/food, home) and retail sector (markets, trade, food).
The first services launched are Service foods (restaurants/food house). Through the communication between the client and the service and accompanied the ready EZ-Vista communication process between the customer and the restaurant that includes:

  • Ease of completing application
  • The speed of the delivery
  • Applicant tracking
  • Payment options growing

And me ready to spurt services (On Demand Services) example of uber and cream to be the most important additions in the services delivery platform is ready.
Include platform ready portal integrated private service provider and the services are managed directly by it. The platform is ready for System Administration and integrated all of its services, including EZ-Vista fleet delivery services.

In September 2016 was launch ready in all stores, smart devices-IOS and Android

Creates ready currently (Riyadh, Jeddah, gassim) with the end of the calendar year 2017 has become available in most regions of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.
Due to accelerated growth in the ready expected to contain a larger customer base for service and Shipping foods at the level of the Gulf region.

Easier recipes, Ramadan dishes, Ramadan sweets and explain the history and sound of the most famous kitchens the world through the application of the plates.

Method of delivery restaurants and most homework quickly

Download app ready free phones days and phones Android save you a lot of time and effort in getting the food that you want, whether from a restaurant or eating house , once you install the app on your phone you have to login register in application ready is very simple you just have to enter the required data on the screen , and the procedure is complete the account verification .

استخدام تطبيق جاهز لتوصيل الطعام
The use of the application is ready to connect the food

After completing the registration process in the application of ready never search for restaurants near you or add your restaurants that you prefer in the list of favorites to facilitate the process of processing and testing demand in each time , and then choose your favourite meal and the quantity .

الحصول على وجبتك المفضلة من موقع جاهز
Get your favourite meal from the ready position

After that click on Proceed to checkout and then finally she specify the place of receipt of the request and of the most important features of the application is ready for restaurants is the possibility of followed your request and knowing the distance and time remaining to reach .

تحديد موقع استلام الطلب
Locate the receipt of the request

Features the application is ready to order food in Saudi Arabia :

  • Delivery service is reliableconnected to eating became easier and the trust, the service providers can seekers most of the follow-up and tracking driver and status of application .
  • Connect the eating houseoffers you a business opportunity where you can cook at home and receive requests through ready. And also This offers the opportunity to get to eat the eggs that they are looking for people who are constantly away from restaurant food .
  • Ease of use

Easy to search for restaurants nearby, easy in application, easy to track your order, easy Delivery .

  • Specify the time of delivery

Easily lets you the application is ready to determine the time of delivery of the remoteness of the readiness of the eating .

  • Discover which restaurants around you easily
تعرف على المطاعم القريبة منك
Know the restaurants near you
  • You can now follow the plug, and the distance remaining for the arrival of the request
  • Show all offers and reductions offered by the restaurants near your place of residence .
  • Provide your application with a list of my requests which shows you all previous orders that were obtained or requested .

Link to download the application is ready to connect applications free online

Download the app for Android

Download for iPhone

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