Download the application to my balance and how to use

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Download the application to my balance and how to use

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There are a lot of activities and processes that take place daily on the phone calls and messages via the media or SMS and the internet driven by the force after the entry into force of the package to it which makes your balance decrease and exhausted gradually.

There is a common problem among users in the Pan-their is loss of balance a sudden, despite the fact that all transactions made the balance known by the user and be fully aware of it, some wondered where he went, his balance, how and when.

To solve that problem the application is designed well to large extent is called “my balance” to provide the balance of the shipping and location information, this app offers a new way to maintain your balance in addition to a range of services beneficial to other users, the program is the balance of one of the programs that focus more on monitoring the balance of the user no matter how the slide is used, or the affiliate company.

About the application my balance

Is the default application works to help the user in following up the consumption of calls and messages and what the user is doing on his phone of the in general, the app choose appropriate you packages according to your consumption to help you choose the cheapest, thus providing a balance than before.

With this special program and then install it on your phones Android. You can know how and where your balance without having to call the customer service of interests of your phone plan, the app here supports all networks Egypt Etisalat and WE Vodafone and Orange, it is through the app will be for you My Dear user make calls to hone your balance and other other processes.

Features of the application Raseedi are

  • There’s your call directly towards the slide cheapest and most suitable plan for you.
  • Gives you the A full report on the stack for each line separately.
  • The possibility of charging online through the app.
  • The possibility of choice and Exchange the slats when calling from the same place in the application of my balance.
  • App size is not big and will not occupy much space on your phone.

How to use the program balance to provide balance and shape?

  • All you have to do is download the app on your phone that is running Android only.
  • Open the app after installing it on your phone and make it default for the phone system.
  • You will find on the Home Page a list of contacts and a record of the calls and the second for the best deals.
  • Choose what you like from the three lists as you need.
  • In the event you choose the best deals you’ll find your balance and tests the lines people, the chosen plan and the disaster.

Some of the drawbacks or disadvantages of the application

  • Does not provide the feature to record calls that you make.
  • There is no feature to merge calls.
  • The unexpected addition of the name of the Connected app directly

Download the application to my balance



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