Download the game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin for iPhone

Link to download the game channel silent for ios for free

Download the game channel silent for iPhone , how to play and plan the stages in the game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin , that’s what you’ll find and you get it through this article from the site how the technology that speaks for a more general EVO – exciting, stirring , in addition you will find features of the game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin , which made her the most ios you can also download the game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin for PC for free , continue reading this article for a detailed explanation of the sniper game silent Sniper 3D Assassin and a link to download the game channel silent for iPhone .

About the sniper game silent Sniper 3D Assassin

Download Sniper 3D Assassin for IPhone

There are a lot of games that enhance skills of focus, but a number of them combines adventure and action to keep somewhat boring for fighting and action games and.

Game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin not games dead cheap but require focus and combines action and adventure and excitement and of the most famous games for iPhone.

In this game you’re a sniper you have to implement the commands that give you, free of rejection and free to do something outside the written text, it is becoming increasingly difficult from one stage to another so don’t be afraid it won’t happen to you and play this game that suits nearly all age groups.

This game will more than love the channel, known as an intelligent person, quiet and in setting goals and hit her brilliantly large, which does not appear in the battlefield, in public or in the yard of the assassination.

Game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin supports the English language only a size of 162 MB, it works on iPhone iOS 6.0 or newer, same for computers, iPad AND iPods.

And behind this free game company Fun Games For Free that offer games mobile free and continuously updated.

Certainly, they include in their content things driven you can be purchased, including the portfolio of diamonds priced at $ 4.99 and points and weapons and the most expensive what you see is a box of diamonds at a price of $ 29.99.

 How to play the in-game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin for iPhone :

sniper 3d sniper game

The story of the game very clear, they include the 14 stage in every one of them you can do a specific task, such as being told you kill someone with the specifications of such and such, such as someone wearing a jacket with a green to kill him and then kill him and snipe him, and you have to hit your goal accurately.

Who would you have in this game are the people enemies, not aliens, so to look more realistic, for murder you will get more coins, diamonds and wealth, this is the life of the snipers and assassins salaried living from killing others as asking them to superiors or people working for them.

From the main interface you’ll find the PLAY button play and also options which you can customize sounds and at the same level.

And for the record when you start playing you will see the instructions to the current task and you’ll read it and understand it well and then work on achieving the goal.

Use the arrow on the left of the screen for the approximation of the targets and the gun on the target and focus on his injury in important places that will lead to the death of the person the goal, which is the heart, neck, skull, spine, back or thigh

To achieve the best results in the game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin you have to focus and not rush to shoot lost escape of the victim there may be a reaction to makes your task a failure.

When you select the target accurately, you should the traffic to the next stage, the pressure on the signal lead located in the bottom left of the screen, and you’re fired.

After the task execution is transmitted to the other and you have to press on the next and so on, and at every stage you will find yourself somewhere different from the previous functions harder also.

Features game channel silent for iPhone

1. The game sniper game silent games free for ios any can downloaded and install the game on your device easily .

2 -buy the game Sniper 3D Assassin Graphics the dimensions of the very attractive design of the interface of the game in a fun, high-quality answers while playing without getting bored .

3 -does the game channel silent of 14 stage, some of the tasks were multiple , raised side thrill the player and his thinking

4 -as a number of the nuclear weapons [tons of weapons] : guns, machine guns, snipers.

5 -on Are: you have to help the cops a week to October and criminals and thieves, about which your commitment to the orders placed.

6 -You’re fighting the enemies of the high, and kill that predator, that’s what makes her one of the famous games of the stimulation and the thrill of the between the faith of the other

7 -available in English, which have in the matter of the language, English has

Download the game channel silent Sniper 3D Assassin for iPhone


Through the upgrades you can buy more weapons with the money gained this develops your skills and your ability to hit targets.

And of course each weapon is different from the other in capacity and the distance you can hit the target with great accuracy, and you’ll earn more money or purchased through your balance on the App Store in order to get them.

Don’t forget that you are in this game is an assassin for the government, where they spend on terrorists and see their government is a threat to the security of the state, will go in this game from one city to another in order to achieve the possible goals.

Download the game

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