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Game Miraculous Ladybug for Android One of the year most of adventures, rely on running in the race and reach the finish line to win the game, don’t require more professional, where the player can withdraw the personal and then aim to deal with tours to different race, the player has the quick thinking to run whenever it got him to win with ease, and we follow up with you more details about the game.

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About personal Miraculous Ladybug

This character is one of the famous cartoon characters, and display their rings on many TV channels such as MBC3, etc., she is an ordinary girl living in Paris with her friend, become her boyfriend superheroes their mission to fight the enemies who are trying to invade the city, we draw your attention to it is the official game of personality, and can be downloaded free phones Android.

Evening play

It would be in the heart of Paris where live the main characters, they consist of long road contains more obstacles that the player must avoid during the race, will require you to jump over some obstacles and skiing above the others, and in the way you will find a lot of red circles with black dots, and you must collect the largest possible number during development, you’ll also find several utilities such as the bath magnet and its complications and other.

Features Miraculous Ladybug

  • Contains many interesting stages.
  • A lot of different characters.
  • Contains multiple tools for in play and personality.
  • The game is free and available for download on Android phones.

How do you control the characters

When you start the game, you will run the main character automatically, and where you only need to move the track left and right by dragging on the screen. You can swipe up to jump or swipe down to ski to avoid the various obstacles in the path. In some stages, moving the main character in the opposite direction, and you can also skip the obstacles that come from the back until you reach the end of the current phase.

New features in the game

  • Contain HD graphics and details are amazing.
  • Address obstacles within that game in every round of the race.
  • There are a lot of characters hacks inside the game can buy them while the characters casual for free.

The drawbacks of the game

  • The game displays a lot of ads in each round of play and therefore this bothers the users while playing.



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