Download the program hide pictures for iPhone and Fake Calculator alternative +Calculator

Download the program hide photos and video for iPhone and 2018

There are a lot of apps that offer users to hide pictures and videos on the iPhone, unfortunately, most of them can be able to extreme discovered that by naming her clarity of its mission, but the truth is that there are apps popping up recently, and is available on the App Store is marketed as calculators while are actually designed to hide photos and videos most famous currently is the application of the Fake Calculator alternative +Calculator , Know of a new app which offers you to keep your most important data in the strictest confidence, nor can any intruder, the discovery that you stored on your device content that appears in the application pictures and videos through this theme of our site how technical you’ll find the link to download the program hide photos and video for iPhone .

  • What is the fate of the application to hide photo +Calculator ?

A few months ago this app was available on App Store and received great fame, and then, after it is no longer available on this store and disappeared.

I didn’t expect to cause that, but it’s good that the developers have worked on the software alternative apps don’t work the same principle is a machines computer while she has the potential of storing photos and videos to prevent any party from access.

But the bad news is that the number of them we found on links in the news sites and sites foreign download applications then that most of them deleted from the store and some of them replace the name and through the work through the machine is a fake account.


  • General information about the program hide pictures for iPhone and Fake Calculator

تطبيق اخفاء الصور للايفون الحاسبة المزيفة
Apply masking images for iPhone case fake

But it’s good we found two options open currently is the application of the Fake Calculator or the machine arithmetic counterfeit which is available on the App Store for download.

App driven and not available for free This is what makes it available on the App Store without deleting it and clear principle additional advantages not present in the +Calculator.

In addition to the foregoing, we find that this application is of software Raman Kupryianchyk is available at a price of $ 14.99 or $ 15.

I got the app a good assessment of the capacity of 4.5 out of 5 in the Store app store, which works on iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.0 or later.

The app supports the English language only, and does not exceed its size is 2.3 MB which requires that the user’s age at least 17 years.


  • Features of the program hide pictures for iPhone and Fake Calculator alternative +Calculator

يمكنك اخفاء اي شيءعلى الايفون من خلال fake calculator
You can hide any beautiful thing faith through fake calculator

The app is a calculator fake after installation you will notice the appearance of the icon of the calculator on the screen of your applications.

This calculator works, of course, where you can use to do calculations whether or subtraction or multiplication or division or any other types of calculations.

But when you enter your secret code transformed into a comprehensive application for storing confidential data, ranging from photos, to videos, towards the Contacts, and passwords as well as contacts, it provides a browser Secret with high specificity does not allow to track your Footprints on the web.

Yeah, it’s an awesome application and now it became clear why the application is successful and driven and not free unfortunately, it is currently difficult to see a model free of this possibility.

The app is in its design a calculator that works and give results of the correct and immediate without the internet, but the service it’s more than just the application to implement the arithmetic operations.

You can hide the images in the application, administration and management as well as hide the videos and the rest of the files other tasks that you see that should not be found in your phone or your device directly.

Besides the storage of pictures and videos provides you the possibility to preview them and watch them from the app without having to send them first to the library of photos and videos.

The app lets you also hide contacts that do not want to appear publicly in the application of contacts on iPhone your.

It also provides you Program hide pictures for iPhone and Fake Calculator browser integrated secret in the phone you can use it to browse different websites without that keeps a record of visits which does not leave the sites from planting cookies on your device it offers you the privacy of a high-level design and access to the web.

The app lets you also store all of your passwords without being displayed within the document or in the application notes, they are stored encrypted on your device and can be accessed from spambots.

In the case of someone successfully stealing your iPhone or your iPad Mini and can access to the device will not find these data files will not be found and the same goes for the Spammers around you.

Link to download the program hide pictures for iPhone and Fake Calculator alternative +Calculator

The app is unfortunately not available for free but can be sometimes discounts or even available for free for a short time.

But in case you would like to invest in your privacy and the $ 15 is not a significant price to protect your data and your privacy on your device.



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