Download the program management functions of the phone IFTTT claimed accounts easily 2018

Program ifttt how to make your phone work for you.

In this age the most important what a person owns is a time and perform the task through the mobile needs some time , but there are a lot of ways of dispensing with the waste of time in managing your accounts and organizing your tasks on the phone service and automated deployment with a single click , simply by downloading the application ifttt that will talk about it in this thread and you can dispense with the automation of tasks and functions manually, read this thread from our how technology to learn what is ifttt and the most important features that it provides to facilitate a lot of things .

What is ifttt for?

Is one of the mobile applications the most intelligent and that you have sucked and is a technology that collects several simple operations, which aims to connect stuff to the internet so that you control it, plus you can do follow her from a distance, and that by binding between her and smart phone applications, and extends this concept to include computers and communication systems and many electronic systems .

And it even collects them in a single network, so that management tasks are the work programmed and completed, and therefore, the main objective is the automation of processes which were conducted manually before, where you will learn more on download application IFTTT for Android wonderful has been the work of firing him a short time ago, and who think the idea of a coin the term the Internet of things .

ادارة مهام الهاتف ifttt
The administration of the functions of the phone ifttt

This app is designed so helps all users to perform tasks easily, and was the term If this then that is the short version of some of the conditions that when the implementation of those these terms and the application to the implementation of certain acts, despite the presence of many programs that work on the same tasks performed by the application of IFTTT, this app is are used in to use, this application can be downloaded through the store Google Play google play Free.

Explain the application of the ifttt service deployment automatic

Depends download program publishing services automagically ifttt of the best programs Android, which is working to connect applications to each other automatically through mobile phone , this service allows the user to say the iPad Air a lot of the tasks and different functions through a mobile phone or choose these tasks in a single mission.

Anything you can give orders that you want to implement phone will say its implementation is automatic, and the political, which depends on Service Program Auto-publishing is the integration of applications with each other for the implementation of the process or a particular task .

What are the sections of the application ifttt don’t and regulation of the functions of the phone?

Was put the app in the Google Play Store at 24/April/2014, after that successful and impressed a great number on the system iOS, and after that it is available primarily as a service over the web. The app is divided into several sections, namely:

Channels channels
This app boasts more than 152 channel all you know on all social networking sites like Facebook, Messenger, the USSR.

Triggers triggers
This section displays the start time in one of the recipes, for example, you can use this section when the ads start access to enter the meeting and be responsible for the commencement of the work access, for example in case you have you run this recipe, the actuators concerned first select the photos that you uploaded to facebook.

Work Actions

Is the second part that determines the location of the user, i.e. when transforming the mobile phone into a silent Guardian you can find out the location of the user easily automatic.

Ingredients ingredients
This section is concerned with the deadlines of the user at work, as lead on the location of the company’s Articles of association and this section to put the photos that you uploaded to facebook in another folder in your space on Google Drive.

Recipes recipes
This section is includes all sections that exist in this application which we have already mentioned the two Channels, Triggers and Actions, Ingredient, no can you do a recipe for cooking it is possible to view them later.

Months access in the application ifttt :

Facebook Pic Matches on Twitter : lets change the image of Twitter account automatically once you change your account picture on Facebook .

Read Tweets Later : these tools enable you to discount the novel unlike the news of Twitter to read it later

Save SoundCloud MP3s to Google Drive :this to use and hear the songs of the program, SoundCloud enables you to access copies of songs can that got you like in Google Drive

Save YouTube Videos to Pocket : to copy this to every video clip on YouTube save it to watch later in pocket Pocket .

How the work described in the application ifttt administration tasks?

First what you need in this is to download the app on your phone through the link at the bottom of this topic .

Then it will show you the welcome and we have set up an account and register in the app

After that the user opens the app and then the user presses the blue button which is at the top of the screen, where you can pass it from the screen top to the middle of the screen.

عمل وصفة جديدة في ifttt
A new recipe in ifttt

Now you have to press the button logo this button is located in one of the tags in the app, you will be many sections click on any section.
In the section that you opened will show you all the recipes just by clicking on any recipe, and then do all the customizations required by the application to IFTTT and then enter into your account.

عمل recipe
Work recipe

How to manage your accounts on networking sites and job posting automatically with one click?

If you have several accounts on social networking sites, such as Facebook account and an account on the Twitter wagon and an account on Instagram, or who works in the field of Marketing and social networking and want to do update personal status on these three networks in one step, this process became activated and available now, where to the software for the automatic on each site individually and automatically required and that to save time and use it in more important things and also not to leave the accounts to stop its activity because it affects the followers and their number and their interaction .

نشر تلقائي للصورة على كل الحسابات
Published autofocus on all accounts

In addition, you will be able to do the work of posting tweets and uploading pictures and publications, and many other tasks on the Internet with ease, for example if you like to published on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter or published in Instagram, you will continue to do so save in Evernote or Google Drive or pocket, all without that be need me to be in the image or interfere with it, through download application IFTTT for Android .

The most important features of the Application Management and the automation of functions of the mobile ifttt :

  • This application perform all the tasks the user it gives you many effort and time in to one, it is one of the easiest applications that implement the tasks compared to the one of other apps that do the same work like tasker.
  • This application implements all the recipes that you love without wasting time for the user, it is possible to transfer access to your account without fee or effort.
  • You can update the personal situation of all social networking programs, it can be for this application to change case automatically without user intervention.
  • Also this application can save you all the photos that you have shared through social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and this Instagram.
  • As to this app, they shot it in the Google Play Store downloaded free without paying any fee starting from 24 April 2014, Having achieved success too high in the area of الios, became available to download it easily.

Link to download the program ifttt to save time and administration tasks phone for free

Download link for iPhone

Download link for Android

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