Download the program s health software the s health apk download the program to measure your blood sugar and blood pressure

The best health apps and organize sports activities

Think now a lot of people on apps and programs, fitness and pictures of exercises to daily physical activity or health programmes such as programmes for the pressure gauge and programs to measure your blood sugar without any other procedure , maintaining Fitness Fitness body program or athlete’s Day is important to seek some people to determine planning programs fitness the body and talk of the benefits of a Fitness program such as the application of Google fit , The program s health from the better health programs and organize sports activity you can download it on your mobile phone iPhone or Android and use it constantly to take advantage of the features and services offered by s health application for the user which of the most important pedometer s health , and measuring the rate of pressure and the shape of the body is also applied to Fitness very good attracts followers , Where the application of the measurement of the sugar s health care is that the program heavily in the press, and offers some health services and measure the number of calories needed on the user taking it daily most important active sports such as jogging, walking or aerobics casual or exercises weightlifting and bodybuilding necessary to burn off these calories to maintain body fitness free and reference methods only through software download s health for iPhone or Android , Go read this topic with us from the site how technique to find the most important details and explain the use of s health you can also download the app on your mobile phone easily s health apk download by clicking on the link to the runway during this topic .

The application of s health leadership program sugar

s health apk download

Became technology is an integral part of our everyday lives , through mobile applications that save you a lot of services and features , the application of S Health of the most health apps that recently spread interest if the other aspects of the health sector in the world of technology the activity of the other ordinary , where you can of this the pressure of blood through your mobile phone , as how can I work on is sugar and the last bthe rate of natural sugar and it’s all thanks to a number of professional programs that the work with ease and the results are migratory and there , Has put first of the companies creative solutions for development in the world of health and among those creations put Samsung day program -S Health and to be the user working on this blood pressure a position and then give you the conclusion of the appointment for blood pressure to many services and laws that must be followed in order to maintain health and work on the achievements of Health better .
To maintain health and work on achievements health better , as the Tehran program -S Health is easy and can be inquired, Tehran program Health-S new blood pressure , for Samsung, for example, these programs are trying to study the mountains on our health and on constant surveillance of the body .


As as won’t program ways to care to address the ailments or prevented by the Permanent observer mission and to maintain appropriate weight and the rate of natural sugar and the rate of normal pressure and maintaining fitness perfectly Kay fitness program Fitness program , where reaching the person with the full extent of the high pressure in his body or not , as the programme of Health-S as many tips and guidance to avoid injury in blood pressure .

The best application of health and fitness with the s health apk download

Download the program Health-S is required heavily to it being permissible to study the step in the health of the user and the work to be calorie free which company can I heard through the meals he had, and considered by many The smallest program to calculate calories , how to the way to use Health-S easy and allow us to work on using it.

That the programme of Health-S designed the chapters in order to control and monitor pressure, blood and process all of the data specific to that situation , it can also be program to the the complete monitoring of movement through said line and trace the steps that the user is moving , also has to burn calories there excess ,as the software fitness program on the multitude of techniques high you can work on forgiveness, compression ratio position ,

Samsung introduced in the month of April last the S health app on the store Google Play, instead of just on her own store but the app even though it was still compatible only with devices Samsung of all android devices .

تنظيم النشاط الرياضي
Consider the sports activity

But recently Samsung has decided to update the application to comply with all android devices , app is different from other health apps and Fitness fitness available on the store Google me play as a integrated lifestyle, it allows you to enter your personal data and configure the integrated pattern by selecting the activity you want to practice and you want to earn through the allocation of fields of exercise to drink coffee water type eating and even sleep .

Features of the S Health fitness program

  • Offers tips to the user about the status of his health and the fitness of his body and his physical activity based on the measures and areas chart
  • Set goals, track daily activities and reach new stages , and all of the readings clearly through graphs that display the user’s readings for blood pressure what he knows charts let you know the details of your achievements and health .
افضل تطبيقات الصحة
The best health apps
  • The program S Health light does not hurt device and convenient to most of the and the organization operating where you can download it on Android and iPhone and PC is also free and software is the S health software easy to handle and which does not change the user to get service from them where to customize your dashboard by adding or removing goals, programmes and trackers .
  • You can watch all about the status of your health or for physical activity or measurements and the results on social networking sites easily
مميزات تطبيق s health
Features of the application s health
  • The software provides you notifications or alerts sound during your practice for the implementation of the programme your exercise and follow-up pulses accurately to avoid risk while doing exercises body fitness
  • Follow your heart and measure blood pressure through sensors inside your device accurately .
  • The programme is completely free No need to pay any fee when you download it from anywhere in the world and on different types of devices
  • Supports more than 70 languages, including English, French and Chinese .

Pedometer s health in the application health

عدادا الخطوات من خلال s health
A counter steps through the s health

To the pedometer part of the S Health application where the phone works meter records your steps and gives information to the application. He also had a fitness program that displays your steps during the closing of the screen. Lead great job in counting your steps daily and gives you a pointer to the number of calories you’ve burned during the day.

Will give you S Health tests show the activities of your by the hour and the day and if you want to review your record with the passage of time by clicking on the drawing icon in the bottom-left corner display the record in the Format List record your entire.

Follow Fitness health & fitness

Inside S Health a wide variety of choices different to track your health and fitness in general. Know for its explanation and detailed things :

  • Flow – tests track training run and turnover and delivery. Will … then keeps track of your path and distance, and heat that burned during training. Get quick shortcuts within the screen flow to capture images during development and to enter to music player Samsung, you don’t need to go out already from S Health to cover the tones flow. You’ll also choose to see a large collection of detailed cases in his more than speed regular maximum and step and heart rate if you use the index of the heart during the intervention. It’s a custom part in the application but where it’s great interest to be good to have all the characteristics.
  • Food – the food you eat is part of healthy lifestyle. Gives you the S Health section dedicated to track food intake and gives you choose to display ILLUSTRATION BY hour, day, month.
  • Weight – if you’re trying to become a decent/keep fit you will control your weight. Get the same tests show the situation existing in the food index and its simple to insert and update your numbers.
  • Sleep – can “for Samsung – wear recording your sleep data and links it with sleep in S Health ” it’s useless for us in any case.
  • Stop – used to monitor heart rate Lester read his lengthy presentation explains your stress levels.
  • Coach – here to help get you in the style of your fitness by raising your goals and challenges.

Link to download the s health application for Android s health apk download


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