Download the program to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, copy my data

Safe way to transfer contacts from EVO to EVO

There are lots of ways to transfer the name from EVO to EVO, but the user I’m looking for a safe way ensures the protection of information and contacts from the faith to another device especially when buying a new phone and upgrade from iPhone to another newer and better will continue his important obstacle, namely, the transfer of data from your old phone to the new phone , Some may find a way to transfer the name via iTunes. it’s a simple thing, but in this thread I will offer you another way, is to use the application to copy my data, which helps you copy data and transfer any of the information and the names of the days of the old for the new .

Copy the data from the EVO to the EVO’s new :

Manual process for adding contacts manually by copy the phone numbers from the old phone to the new one and write the names and numbers in the iPhone, the new process is complicated and slow and takes a long period of time.

Even transfer the notes and appointments that are recorded in the Calendar application to the new iPhone manually is a cumbersome process and may forget some data and write it down in your new device.

The solution? It’s a single application and supports copy my data, the name implies that it works on copy data from iPhone the old to the new iPhone.

Everyone in this app that it integrated so don’t expect his task when the transfer of the registered phone numbers directory numbers on your device, but also includes data for the Calendar application and other files such as images and videos.

But it is the best solution for those looking for transfer contacts from iPhone to another easily and quickly.

General information about the program to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, copy my data :

تحميل copy my data
Download copy my data

The software from the software company Media Mushroom Limited is one of the best programs in his field, and he needs level 9 of the list of apps and tools on the Store app store.

In addition to the foregoing it is available free and does not include any benefits paid, not to mention that of the trusted applications it has gained good rating of 3.5 out of 5.

And don’t forget it’s also available for Android devices and you can download it from Google Play, do not forget that the data transfer from Android device to Android device or from Android device to iPhone or from iPhone to Android phone.

Special program transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, copy my data

نقل جهات الاتصال الى ios
Transfer contacts to ios

Program to copy my data is characterized by one of the software easy to use, it is designed for beginners as well as professional users alike.

The software enables data transfer include contacts stored on the phone, and also the calendar and its data, such as appointments and to the er that information is important, along with transfer photos and videos also.

Can transfer these patterns from the whole data in one transfer process, or you can invest some of the transfer that you want to copy to your new phone.

Suppose that I have the iPhone 6 I bought iPhone 8 and I decided to move my data to the new phone, I can transfer photos, videos, calendar data, point of contact are all in the same process, and you can by that to cancel the transfer of photos and videos, calendar and focus only on the transfer of contacts or contacts only.

The transport process is performed using Wi-Fi, this means that on devices connected to Wi-Fi and start transferring data.

Program to copy my data provides a fast data transfer that depends on the transportation by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it faster from another application depends on the Bluetooth to do the same process.

Steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, copy my data

خطوات نسخ البيانات من ايفون لاخر
Steps to copy data from iPhone to

To use the program in transfer contacts and data from iPhone to another, you must have two devices, old and new, and they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Besides the above you must download the software on the two devices so that the process and requirements necessary for the success of this process.

Open the app on two phones, in the old will specify that you want to transfer files from it to another device while in the new iPhone will determine that you want to transfer from another phone.

After finding the old phone on the new you will be shown a specific number, a special symbol is changed from one operation to another, then you enter in the app on the new phone that you want to transfer data to it.

After that you’ll see on the iPhone the old four patterns of data you can transfer by first names, point of contact, and the second is the calendar, second is sound, the fourth is Video.

Modify the data patterns that do not want to transfer to your new phone or the iPhone to transfer to, or leave it activated if you want to move all this data.

Link to download the program to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, copy my data

As we pointed out earlier you must download the software on the iPhone which contains the data to be transferred, a telephone for iPhone you want to transfer data to it.

The program is compatible with the system iOS 7.1 the latest to the side of it supports the iPad in addition to iPod touch, which comes in English only as it comes to the size of 5.3 MB.

Download link


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