Download the program Video Show video editing application VideoShow 2018

Download app VideoShow for Android via direct link and for iPhone

Set up the most beautiful movies and video clips influences of the distinctive and attractive through the best video editor in many states, the application of video show free , application Video Show download video clips and additional amendments ,you can download the app to phones and devices operating system Android and S , through the link to download the application VideoShow to edit and cut video on iPhone , Video program Xu Videoshow for android , the best program in the creation and editing of video clips for mobile , the best video editing software for Android, If you are looking for a program or application for Mobile Android your download video Shu Download Videoshow on your phone or tablet and then never make changes to images and videos , complete read this topic from the website how technical you’ll find the download links at the bottom of the article .

About the video editor VideoShow :

Download application video Xu Android Video Show the # 1 app in video editors that features 100% free with no ads and no logo appears on the video or watermarks it’s the best video editing software for Android video Xu VideoShow got the 100 million download from the store Google applications , free and creates videos fast or advanced , supports add a bunch of images and convert them to video also supports the additional text to the video merge the sounds of the musical with the movement of the video and add effects and themes that you like the video .

Using the video Shaw Video Show you can edit and set up a video clip , or modify existing video or create a clip of the group photo and merge with the sound of a musician or other, (as you can choose from thousands of music tracks available in the program) and then watch the video directly or upload it to YouTube or share it on Facebook, Facebook or Instagram Instagram .

Application video show became considered a free app first in many states. And the first choice for the 180 million users to edit videos and add effects

Inch movies and editing video clips on mobile :

  • Once you download the application video show that we are presenting today you will show you the interface of the application that provides you with a range of options , where you can choose any video in your phone and copy it to the program VideoShow specialized in video editing and integrating audio and video installation videos, or filming instant video and modify it .
افضل محرر فيديو 2018
The best video editor 2018
  • Generally you would then do all what you want you need of adjustments and, and will add no filters are different and will change colors if you want like colors Instagram
تحميل تطبيق video show 2018
Download application video show 2018
  • You will be able to preview the changes and watch the action before it is saved and adopted, and the displacement effects that Add to the beauty of your work if appropriate or needs modification.
  • As the program contains a toolbox full of tools to help you in your work including scissors video which helps you to chop or cut any part of the movie and delete it or copy it somewhere else, and add text and voice clips and music
تحرير الفيديوهات videoshow
Edit video videoshow
  • And of things possible with Video VideoShow from others is the presence of the management to compress the video and reduce its size and you can transform the sounds in the video to mp3
  • Just select the appropriate options during the video playback from within the app, and you can make any changes you choose and select the tools that you need any you can specify a list of music clips that you can add and specify a range of themes that you can select a lot of options that you think of tools or your needs in editing any video and through a list of Material Center .
اضافة ثيمات للفيديو
Additional tools to edit the video
  • Once you’ve finished editing your video, you can re-export it the same quality as the original video, or compress it to save space. Of course, if pressed it will be quality, but it will be easier to share with others.

Video Xu is an app that deserves the title (all in one) from the editor of the video where the supports add text and sound clips and stuff and apply filters to the video to give him the effects of the imagination it all in and smiles, emoji to videos, designs, beautiful and exciting to give you your video a professional real easily and unrivaled.

You can download the program video Shu to integrate the voices of the music on the video of the most important features of this program video Xu where provides you with thousands of sounds that you can use in your videos consist of all kinds of music or download audio from your device if you want to use a voice of your own , also supports 30 filter Cosplay to add beautiful effects on the video and more than 500 sticker or poster template is available free for download and you can add to your videos , and after completion you can share your video directly online or sent via alwats August Whatsapp and Wechat, or Instagram or other

Features of video application Xu VideoShow new Android :

اضافة التاثيرات للفيديوهات
Add effects to the videos
  • The app is free and without charge and in a direct link and a link to the store in the final article .
  • Merge audio and video in a single clip with ease and the addition of amendments .
  • Extra a lot of items on the video clip , such as posters, photos, writing, music, etc .
  • Contains a lot of filters and effects to add on videos to be more EA .
  • Additional audio clips to the video such as music or recordings .
  • Shop for tools you will find a store for a lot of stickers, backgrounds and other .
  • Share the videos with your friends via social networking sites .
  • Supports a lot of languages such as Arabic and English

Download app VideoShow to upload photos on mobile

Now you can modify any video on your phone for Android free quite easily with the video Xu is a tool to select(changes to) video which enables you to create Movies fun by using videos that picture and save it to your Android device.

Download android

Download for iPhone

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