Download the program wire wire calls to free up the city without blocking Android

Link to download the program chat, free wire Wire

Download the program and Iran to make free calls without any blocking and the safe is very Secure Messenger , you can download and Iran in Arabic on all types of devices operating systems Android and iPhone and windows for free , you can through the program wire Wire make free phone calls to anyone from anywhere in the world local and international can you record a video clip or a voice recording and send it and share and share files and images in a way that’s safe , you know more on the services provided by the wire through the subject of how the position technique , Continue reading this article to find the link to download the application wire Wire for free calls on a mobile phone .

Application to chat and call free wire 2018 Secure Messenger

تحميل تطبيق مكالمات الفيديو المجانية و الامنة wire
Download app video calling free and safe wire

There are a lot of apps chat good in the world, but a number of them don’t work out video and voice calls in UAE, Saudi Arabia, where a number of these services are veiled by the bodies communication, the same rule to any Arab country will be impossible for the blocking of VOIP services by users in defense of the interests of telecommunications companies local.

Here we have a program wire wire which is an alternative to a number of chat apps excellent The for countries that block such services it is not within the list of blocked applications to now.

The company is also WIRE SWISS GmbH programme of the chat that one of the best timeshare programs the current to chat with not to penetrate your privacy and also to keep your messages and data safe from sale and trade.

تطبيق واير wire
File sharing and audio clips while maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality

This app downloaded over 5 million times on Android phones is also available for iPhone and tablets and windows and Mac and do not forget that available on the web version.

The app is not different at the level of the mechanism of action of chat and add friends, which is the more usual in every application which audio and video calls and chat written conversations, collective, and focuses on an extremely important point which is Security and protection, encryption and integrated.

The advantages of a real mission under the exclusion of the application of the data of millions of users and illegally, and display ads to them and also share data with the Government or keep it without encryption and thus exposing users to risk.

The biggest risk affects celebrities and characters and the stars who can use the chat application to communicate, in the case of enable one of the inventors, such as from registration to application servers were found on the data of the famous person, and his loss activates her distortion, or to compensate for his life at risk or even use it to blackmail him, which I understand completely company WIRE SWISS GmbH Swiss for the storage of data users in Switzerland and manages the operations from there, away from the pressures of governments.

 Features program wire wire features calls without blocking or blocked

اهم مميزات تطبيق wire للمكالمات المشفرة
The most important characteristic of the application of the wire calls encrypted

As another application offers you the program wire wire text conversations between two individuals and within groups, it also lets you share photos, videos and sound clips recorded and also the rest of the files that people share such as documents.

Supports stickers and emoticons and also the amendment on the photo before sharing it through extra stickers on it and effects easily.

As for the chat everyone can participate up to 128 people to meet and share files, photos, and various types of instant messaging, what means the possibility to use the program at meetings of companies and institutions.

Download the program Azar video call free for iPhone and Android

مميزات تطبيق wire
Special application wire

Download program Duo for video chats

For voice messaging you can record it and send it within the app or you can import them within the audio library to send, and you can also send videos ready and available on your phone or your computer to anyone.

Add to the above that the program wire wire supports animated pictures also, and all forms of content that people share through apps instant messaging.

As for audio and video calls are not blocked in the app and enjoy high-quality also, this ensures you high-quality calls women a voice and visible, and of course with the condition that you have Internet connection at least passable.

Transition to maintain privacy Vega what is being exchanged through this app doesn’t have a team of developers had no powers to access it and read it, and this is thanks to encryption end-to-end and which at its efficiency and superiority to prevent any third party from spying on what the users say.

Also in case you send a photo or letter by mistake to a certain destination, provides you with the app deleted from their Inbox without seeing the notice.

Also that you can select the duration of messages and pictures that you send and videos before deleting them from the application servers and therefore not available to the other party again. after reading it the first time.

 Download the program wire wire Office’s confidential information


In addition to the above, the program wire wire outperform the rest of the chat apps through the complete confidentiality of data and use more than one Protocol encryption layer of security to prevent read conversations and access to chat different which was confirmed by the research are actually comparisons between chat applications.

The program is available free phones, iPhone, computers, iPad and also Android phones and tablets, and also computers Mac and Windows computers, and also as an addition to the browser are different, and you can download whatever suits the product that you use from here.

Download program Iran calls new free 2018 Download Wire for free call and chat


You can download Iran Android and download wire for iPhone and all devices ios for free and you can download the program Wire to the computer

Download android

Download for iPhone


Download for PC

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