Download tick tock TikTok version 14.0.5 ad-free

Away from viewing the identity of the application Tick Tock, which has become rich on the definition of the identity of his work and his non-profit ! Here we use the application date with the latest versions of its 14.0.5, but by rate and mix of advertisements.

Participated for the networking sites

As mentioned above, I’m talking about the app not that thing that worth mention here.

The app is large in size relatively, where it reaches 70 MB. May need to delete the current version installed on the phone so you can install this ver.

Tech Tok – TIKTOK or tech Tok – TIKTOK

On the sidelines

Our role with these women free of advertising that leaves the interests of the makers of the app itself. We use the content of the Arab celebrities ( as they describe themselves) we can all this effort and this the society in the fame go to waste in the absence of sponsor advertising. We didn’t find until now, or share to a commercial company interested in dealing with this publisher or that, or with more of their follow-up, or influential!

The efforts of the owners of the videos and I was shut up to the point of absurdity and surface refining performance representation and ( lack of modesty ) sometimes ,effort is useless or futile. Contrary to what the app is Vigo , which works the same idea and method of work adjustment-tuk. We find there is a lot of content makers and profit from those efforts and time wasted.

A real pity these tactics are based on this content the obelisk ( without return ). This content that came with the case that some of the written warning on their doors prohibiting entry ( famous adaptation tuk ) to us !!


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