Download truecaller with call recording “backup”

تروكولر بميزة تسجيل المكالمات

Doesn’t a mobile phone from truecaller app famous and some not to respond to anonymous calls, but after that this app works on the display name of the caller according to what is registered in its databases on the network.
The app goes to work on his after all this time in which the ranked first among similar applications.

But we here use this new app, which became a new feature allows you to record calls without restrictions or conditions, whether those calls are coming back to you or issued by you. The application will retain the call on your mobile phone for use to register the time of the accident, or delete it when you want it.

Call recording feature

We have reviewed the advantages of the truecaller app and a lot of tricks and skills to use it, and how they enable you to have your name removed from the database on the network so that it doesn’t show the archives on any cell phone work to call him if I had thought to call this number or that, and not to call them for the first time.

The free version that number 9.8.10 which is available on the App Store and Google Play, carries the feature of call recording. But it’s a project in the trial period of 14 days and upon request, to the user to upgrade the application at the expiration of that Director to the backup Pro so that it can continue to record calls or to enjoy the rest of the advantages that the advanced version.

You know here is the backup PRO full advantages without the restrictions and functional immediately after installing the app, all you have to do, is to delete the app truecaller default and from your mobile phone and Uninstall and then install this version.
You do it with your phone number as is the write the name of the CAN and to be able to log into the application normally.

Advantages of the backup from truecaller

  • Call recording
  • The identification of the by browsing your own profile on the app
  • Get sign account Premium Bage.
  • Free app ad
  • The advantages of the other

By recording calls with the new version

Work after installing the application and activating its work to verify you have the friends and reserve the full benefits, that come in to the side menu of the application, including click on the first options Professional where you will see the following image.

The process of call recording is not activated in advance, and activate it to enter the settings Settings such as to Call Reconding and enable this holidays, here you can adjust the registration process automatic calls to Auto or leave it on the current manual to say you select the call that you want to record.

When the result of any call, or independence, you will find that there is a button floating on the screen of your mobile phone to record the call as in the picture here. You will see a list of calls that have been recorded under the classification of Call Recoring from the interface of the main application and word; Professional.

The new app size is 25 MB and you can download it from the following link:

Truecaller with Call Recording

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