Download WhatsApp for PC direct link WhatsApp For Computer

Talking in this article about download WhatsApp for PC direct link WhatsApp For Computer. Where you can now enjoy the programme of the Lotus account on your computer. A program known on the platform of my Android faith also. And is used by millions of people around the world Daily. Became a lot are not the law about his service in the contact with others. Sometimes frequent item in the work done between individuals, companies and institutions. And in 2016, have been issued to WhatsApp For Computer. In order to computer users, laptops running Windows or Mac.

And now the mentioned Services, website cost in the area of technology and computer partition also. Just browse the site Arabic tack, and inevitably you’ll find everything you’re looking for apps, programs and its and computer technologies in general. We recall that, how to reset the factory headphones ear wireless (AirPods Pro). Will be a lot of other topics other that it’s hard to find them in another location. With reference to today’s article, we are talking about download WhatsApp for PC direct link WhatsApp For Computer. With the clarification of how to use it Page.

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Download WhatsApp for PC direct link

The application WhatsApp is the first app in the note of contact between the individual at the level of the world. Many people use it as a work for them, they use it to connect with consumers was a joint business between them. It is also the best way to balance between her relatives and friends no matter how far the distance between them. Since no phone in the world from this app. Then came the time to stretch its roots to develop the computer world, laptops are also. Therefore, the issuance of WhatsApp for PC. So you have this important program on your phone and on your computer. Here’s a direct link to download the software on the computer for free.


In the next lines we explain to you dear readers, how do you can use WhatsApp For Computer. See the photo caption for each step until you reach you Idea full.

Explain the use of the software whatsapp for PC

First: download WhatsApp


We have provided for you in the lines of the former direct link to the download program WhatsApp. So you click on the link will start the download process immediately. Will not wait too long, dear readers, until the end of the conversion process. Because they last for a few seconds. Will be in the exe file was downloaded to the default folder which download you downloads all.

Second: the proven program WhatsApp on your PC


As I read in the previous step, the program descends on the body of the exe file. So, you’ll find that the program is installed on the computer like any other program. Just click twice with the mouse on the file resulting from the conversion process, and the rest of the steps and guidance that dictate a Windows OS installed on your device. And note here that you must have Windows 8 or what is the newest so you can run Whatsapp on PC.

Third: click on the icon WhatsApp


After the implementation of the installation steps easy program Watts. You’ll appear to stop it on the desktop of the computer you have. And all you need now is to click twice on this icon. Then wait a moment until the program is opened and shows code الQR shown in the picture above.

Fourth: open the program WhatsApp on your phone


Now, came the role of the Your Phone Android to help you open an account your personal time and enroll on your computer that you download and install the software on it. Open the app on your phone, then enter the settings that you find its icon at the top of the application screen on the phone on the right, including select WhatsApp Web.

V.: face your phone camera to the code الQR


Here’s a link to our dear readers, to the last step of the program run WhatsApp on PC works with Windows or Mac. Are you gonna do the phone’s camera with her face to the code and the Kiwi wanted that back as soon as you open the program on the computer. A will read the program data of the account can and in a moment you will see WhatsApp on your phone in front of you on the computer screen. And you can open it at any time as soon as you click your number on the icon of the program located on the desktop. Here will be used to WhatsApp on the computer as you use on the phone completely, where you can send messages and talk to your friends and enjoy all of the features of WhatsApp.

Note: you must remain a program open on your phone, and have your phone connected to the internet. So you can take advantage of the program on the computer. If you want more privacy and to avoid this problem, you can download the emulator for Android like BlueStacks and download the software through it, and use it without having to phone your Android.

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