Download Windows Update 10 May 2019 version ISO and copy them directly on the USB stick

To you users of the Windows 10 operating system no doubt and I update have reached US after that Microsoft has provided to all users around the world. Vickers to go to the system settings, including to the tab Updates Update pressing Download to start off with the process of downloading the update that its volume exceeds 600 MB, and the system to install it automatically as well as for returning operation of the device when finished.

But you can and when you wanted to install a copy of the this system this update “update May-2019” to think of another way that will work to download a full version of it and not just update. Transfer this copy to a flash drive the USB used it when I wanted to re-install a copy Fresh of the system, the days after I do formate the hard disk.


Management provided by Microsoft does not work to connect the company to new version of Windows 10 for ISO to save them on the user’s desktop, or I’m working on downloaded directly to flash USB and download Flash to management are to take off Bootable.

Of course you can count on the same serial number for the license of the current version installed on the device to activate the work of this friends, or to exceed the enter serial license during the installation process I have to work on that later.

To improve the performance of the Microsoft website the size of 18 MB:

When you run the tool, click on Accept

Including choose the second option to create flash are to take off, or burn a copy of system on DVD.

Will be evidence of control of women that are compatible with your computer.

Here, select the USB Flash to the evidence on the transfer of women to the flash drive and configured to automatically, or save the version for ISO been you copy it yourself.


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