Downshifting reluctantly, or Who is affecting the new features of the iPhone 12

What does the appearance of certain functions in the iPhone depend on? Probably from the interest and ability of Apple to implement them. Moreover, two factors should coincide at once, because the absence of at least one of them banal will not allow to implement everything at the highest level. But if you think that this is enough, then you are deeply mistaken. It happens that Apple – capable and motivated – has to wait for a decision from suppliers who may refuse to supply the parts the company needs.

iPhone 12 won't get 120Hz refresh rate, but not by Apple's will

Apple официально подтвердила, что iPhone 12 выйдет позже обычного

The iPhone 12 will likely not receive a 120Hz refresh rate as predicted earlier. According to analyst Ross Young, who has access to Apple partners, the company's suppliers were not ready to provide it with the necessary volumes of components. In principle, Apple can insist on its own and keep the order for 120-hertz displays, but then it will have to wait a little longer than planned, which may further delay the release of the new product.

IPhone 12 display

Apple suppliers have problems with manufacturing components

Heard that Apple has no disruption to the supply of display panels themselves that support 120Hz refresh rates, but there are driver issues for them. Thus, the company will either have to wait for these chips, which can take quite a long time, or launch new iPhones with displays with 60Hz refresh rates. My sources are assuring that Apple will choose the second option and release the iPhone 12 with older displays, Young said.

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It's really no surprise that Apple is having to give up a long-awaited upgrade because of suppliers. The fact is that the volumes of components required by the company often exceed the capabilities of the company's partners. Therefore, she has to either look for alternative manufacturers of the necessary components for her smartphones, or, as in the case of 120 Hz displays, simply refuse to introduce certain innovations. Has this ever happened in the past? Obviously yes. It's just that no one informs us about this.

Than 120Hz display is better than 60Hz

120 Hz display offers faster response speed and smoother display

Why bother with a 120Hz display? Its key advantage over 60Hz is its ability to automatically adjust to the content being shown, providing a smoother picture when displaying dynamic moments in video or in games. In addition, the display with an increased refresh rate is faster to touch, has smoother scrolling and better responsiveness, which can be very useful in games.

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But abandoning 120 Hz displays has its advantages as well. It is obvious that matrices with a higher refresh rate are more expensive than those with a low one. And if so, then Apple will be able to further reduce the cost of the iPhone 12 , the production of which it already plans to reduce the cost as much as possible. Thus, Cupertino will be able to kill two birds with one stone: to release a relatively inexpensive model on sale at an even lower price and at the same time not to raise the price of top representatives of the line with 5G support.

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