Dozens of Arab companies and global married wing Jordan in the Barcelona

Had the wing of the Jordanian decision in the Conference of the International Telecommunication Union in Barcelona, which was organized by the Association of companies of information and Communication Technology “you need” to visit a large number of Arab companies and global within the business the second day.

And attracted the expertise of Jordan’s good ideas and Sports of the visitors of the International Conference, so I’m Jordanian participants distinguished themselves in a manner that promoted their company and experiences that have.

Confirmed Chairman of the Board of Directors in association “production”, Dr. Bashar hawamdeh said, for the great success experienced by the wing of Jordan, considering that this success was achieved by uniting the efforts of everyone.

Gave thanks for supporting the build of the wing of Jordan in Barcelona and they are Zain and security home Group Report the group to the Investment Agency.


Said founder libres smart solutions for smart homes laith Hamad to the wing of the Jordanian enabled him to achieve 3 goals: try to get the exception, established customer base of international and get the services complement the work of his company.

For his part, founder, good Abdullah’s return, to his first participation in this conference under the wing of Jordan comes to promote his ambition towards launching the idea of his company based on providing solutions to manage social media using the artificial intelligence, in the most important international event in the field of Information Technology.

To it, said Executive partner and general manager of the “shop Joe” the brown report, that the wing of Jordan in Barcelona enabled me to promote the idea of a company existing to help owners to promote their goods through online shops.

Added to the report that the company is based on providing online shops and templates are ready, arrange with Shipping and payment via the internet that enables electronic commerce in the Arab States.

In turn, said the Executive partner Merck operations to buy the “shop Joe” Nora Shankar, that this participation be in the promotion of the company on a global level, and the search for strategic partnerships to develop the company further.

It noted that the company has become the online platform to change the idea of the seller of the traditional house in the only home online through the platform “shop Joe”.

For his part, said the founder of the company gate of Health, Mohamed are, I’m the first joint of his company considered the perfect opportunity to deal with international companies and to promote the products of the company outstanding as of the systems that serve the medical sector in hospitals and health centres, clinics and insurance companies.

And on the same level, said company founder Adora nidal Khalifa, to the wing of Jordan in Barcelona allowed me to connect with companies operating within the computing education I was Arab or western, the center identify the new customers see the latest technologies followed in education.

In turn, said the project manager in the application of Jude’s life, well tractor, to participate in the wing of Jordan in the International Conference allowed me to view the idea the project list on Friday between donors and volunteers through an electronic platform on a large number of the visitors of the pavilion of Jordan, explaining that this product allows users to display clothing, food and tools for volunteers to deliver it to the category of the needy.


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