Dr. Mario World exceeding 5 million downloads in its first week on smart devices

Dr. Mario World

I started a game of puzzles, Dr. Mario, her career for the first time on your new home strongly 8-bit device family, and have had great success at the time. Dr. Mario World is the latest titles from this series the sub-series of Super Mario games, and has released already on smart devices.

Agency Sensor Tower confirmed in estimates that the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times during the first week of their availability worldwide, and is the fourth largest launch of the game of games new to smart phones, right behind Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp uploaded 14.8 million in the same period of time, and then all of the Super Mario ringtone and fire of the heroes.

And recall that the fire of the heroes is still the most successful titles new on smart devices in terms of achieving revenue so far.

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