Draft RED Hydrogen Project was closed formally

RED Hydrogen One

Photographers and film makers familiar with the RED, this company is overseeing the manufacture of the camera used to shoot some of the best movies in the world. However, in recent years, the company decided to enter the smartphone market after launching its smartphone the first RED Hydrogen One, and if you want to see a successor of this phone, you will not do.

Because in the announcement issued by the company’s founder, Mr. Jim Jannard, has announced that due to some health problems, is retiring at the age of seventy. It was also announced in the letter of retirement that the draft RED Hydrogen, which was responsible for the development of phones the company, will be cancelled.

According to Jim Jannard, has stated by saying : ” I’m going to close the project Hydrogen Project, Termination of career include the Oakley and RED Digital Cinema and HYDROGEN. I’m proud of my work with many wonderful people over the years who signed on to this vision. RED Digital Cinema will become more powerful than ever with Jarred and Tommy and Jamin in the Department. Komodo is about all…وHYDROGEN One will continue to support it in the future. “

It is a pity to see the project Hydrogen Project, especially when some of the features that is characterized by fairly promising. However, the smartphone market is very competitive, incredibly, we believe that we can’t be surprised to see another company out of the market.


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