Drones from DJI will be used for public safety and rescue operations

Company DJI introduced a few interesting solutions that can transform their drones in specialized platforms suitable for any kind of commercial applications, including inspection, public security and rescue services.

A new infrared camera DJI Zenmuse XT2, developed in partnership with FLIR Systems, is a critical tool for operators of drones that can be fixed on the heat signatures, invisible to the naked eye. Thermal camera, working in conjunction with the standard provide a high level of metering data and situational awareness in rescue operations and recovery operations after natural disasters, and in the process of production control.

Through integrated intelligent functions, the operators of drones FLIR MSX have the ability to combine video and thermal data in a single image, which facilitates the identification of objects. Unique feature drones DJI Spotlight Pro allows operators to concentrate on safety of flight and data interpretation due to the ability of the camera to automatically track an object in two intelligent flight modes: in the mode QuickTrack camera focuses on the selected area, and in the mode HeatTrack — hot object in the field of view. Function Temp Alarm allows you to interpret thermal data in real-time to alert operators when the temperature of the object exceeds a critical value.

Zenmuse XT2 compatible with industrial drones series DJI Matrice Matrice 200 and 600 Pro. The camera is compatible with the DJI Pilot app for mobile devices based on Android, and later – with DJI Pro XT for iOS. Rugged design and protection class from external actions IP44 allows to apply the device in the most adverse conditions, including rain, snow, smoke and fog. The model is equipped with a camera of 12 MP and are available in two resolution options of thermal sensors: 640 x 512 and 336 x 256, with the lenses at 9 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm and 25 mm.

New development kit for customization of the payload from DJI (Payload SDK) will help startups producing drones, developers and manufacturers of sensors and devices easy to install and integrate custom cameras, sensors and other types of payloads on drones DJI to allow their full potential for business, government and academic organizations in different countries of the world.

Also, the company DJI introduced DJI Skyport — swivel adapter for fixing elements of the payload and their natural integration with systems drones DJI. Swivel adapter DJI Skyport, mounting panel and API access make it easy to set and control external sensor or element of the payload camera similar to DJI Zenmuse. Snap-in connects directly to the power source drone, eliminating the need for external cables and batteries. Development kit for customization of the payload also allows you to access a powerful communication system of the drone, which provides direct communication with the sensor and the ability to obtain data in real-time.

Implementation of specialized solutions in Ukraine are expected this year. To see the new solutions will be in end of April our friends at the company store DJI KYIV, which is located at Basseynaya street 12.

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