Drop test: Galaxy S10+ XS vs iPhone Max

A few weeks ago, went on sale in the flagship Samsung smartphone. The innovations presented have already been studied far and wide: including comparisons in synthetic benchmarksand real usage scenarios. However, this has not stopped enthusiasts was held the next comparison. This time it was decided to compare the Galaxy S10+ and iPhone Max XS in drop-test.

The initiator of the comparison made by the author of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff. But first, a small educational program.

The presentation was shown when the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, Apple representatives have assured that the new flagship smartphones are equipped with the most durable and long lasting glass. At the same time, the company did not disclose its supplier of hardened glass. It is possible that the Corporation cooperates with Dragontrail

Otherwise the situation is with the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Here all the cards are on the surface — the South Korean company expressly States that it uses their latest smartphones glass, manufactured by Corning Gorila Glass 6.

It’s time to proceed to the testing — which of smartphones will perform better?

First round — shot from a small height on the rear surface.

Both smartphones have proved to be frankly bad. iPhone XS Max “got off” a couple of cracks, whereas on the Galaxy S10+ formed the real “web” of the fragments. The winner here is obvious — the smartphone from Apple.

Second round — shot from a small height on the angle of the smartphone.

In both cases, smartphones have demonstrated a decent result. Engraved smartphones were seen only minor scratches and scuffs.

The third round — a single shot with the screen facing down

In this test, the iPhone XS Max came out the winner. Samsung Galaxy S10+ has more damage, and most importantly, the display of the South Korean smartphone remains operational.

The final round of ten consecutive shots with the screen facing down

The author did not confine himself to a few tests, and decided to find the limit of impact resistance glasses. The results were as follows: sensor Max XS iPhone stopped working after the 3rd fall. Galaxy S10+ managed to “survive” all the fall — touch layer remained working, despite the significant damage to the display.

Conclusions we propose to make to you.

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