Dropbox launches a new version entirely from her service with many advantages

Announced the cloud storage service ’Dropbox’ Dropbox on Tuesday announced the launch of a big update turns it from just a service to store files to the gateway software for businesses, where users can access all files and coordinating work with colleagues from one place.

The company said in a publication on her blog: The ’Workspace’ the New allows users to create and share documents of different bundles of office applications, including: Office of Microsoft, and ’Google Docs’ Google Docs, so from the home page to request books, users can also start conversations with co-workers through service: ’Slack’ Slack, and the ’Zoom-Video’ Zoom Video.

Added Dropbox to update allows users to search in all the files within the device, within the other business tools. The service is able to manage the task, with the possibility to add notes, and reference to co-workers in the task lists attached files.

Said Dropbox, in its publication: the new update is intended to enable users to work with files without having to leave the app, they can access and open files from a different package office, as well as coordination with each other.

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The service provides Dropbox – which started as a free storage with the limited storage space, or driven to increase that space – now-oriented service companies, became compete with the major companies, such as: Google, Microsoft.

This; users can participate in the programme ’early access’ to the new version via the desktop application service Dropbox for Windows and Mac from here.


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