Dropbox. launches the application to manage passwords

Started OnePlus in a launch of new tool to manage passwords is that the Dropbox Passwords, the tool is currently available on the form of application for Android which I’m still in correspondence testing, although the app is available for download only to use it requires that you are on a call.

According to the app description on the App Store, it’s like any management application passwords else, it will let you save your passwords and log in directly using his and many others, as well as the application holds the encryption type of Zero-knowledge, which means that the app itself won’t know your passwords, which is additional protection in the event of the application itself for the penetration.

Dropbox Passwords is a password manager from Dropbox

What’s wrong with this app is that it requires a paid subscription to the service Dropbox to use it, but who knows, might allow his company is free later to attract more users especially in the presence of the free services powerful like LastPass, and if you want to match the app on the App Store this is the link to it.

Source: GSMArena

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