Drugs polluted water affects the fish behavior?

In a recent material we have found that people stretched lines make bees aggressive. Their behavior changes so that they pollinate much less plants and even attack each other. As it turned out, due to the indirect effects of people suffer even fishthat live in fresh water. Every day we wash off in the water waste his life, with whom in the habitat of fish fall particles of potent drugs. Because of their exposure in aquatic environments also varies the behavior of some drugs relax them so that they could hardly go on the hunt, and therefore eat less.

Trapped in the water drugs adversely affect the condition of fish

In particular, we are talking about the impact of fluoxetine, a substance that is part of the antidepressant “Prozac”. This medicine is prescribed to people with depression to reduce the tension and anxiety level, and for General mood improvement. Included in its composition of matter falls into freshwater reservoirs with urine of patients, and, as it turned out, the same way it affects the nervous system live in them fish. This became known thanks to a study whose results were published in the scientific journal Biology Letters.

How medications affect animals?

The study says about the influence of the drug “Prozac” for fish species Gambusia Holbrooki (Gambusia holbrooki). In comparison with all the other fish they live relatively short 3 years and inhabit fresh waters of North America. Their body length does not exceed 6 inches, so, like most small fish, they hunt in packs. This allows them to produce more food and significantly reduces the risk of becoming prey for larger predators. However, when released into the environment of fluoxetine, they lose the ability to actively hunt and risk dying of hunger.

Fish species Gambusia Holbrooki usually feed on invertebrate animals like worms

It has been proven in a laboratory experiment, conducted by a team of Australian scientists led by biologist Jake Martin. They set up two aquariums with fish species Gambusia Holbrooki and subjected them to the effects of these doses of fluoxetine, which are contained in reservoirs. The first aquarium is added the minimum amount of substance, equal to 30 nanograms per liter. Fishes of the second aquarium were subjected to maximum dose of 300 nanograms per liter.

By the way, recently in the United States killed thousands of fish due to spilled in water alcohol

The researchers watched the behavior of aquatic creatures over the next 28 days. It turned out that the drug really affects their activity. In particular, scientists have noticed that exposure to high doses of fluoxetine fish become more aggressive towards each other and hunted less than usual. Under the influence of small doses of the substance, the behavior of the fish has remained almost unchanged.

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According to scientists, their work reflects a negative effect of human waste on the environment. Reduced activity of fish may result in their death from starvation or from large predators, which may cause some species to the brink of extinction. But today, the animal population is already suffering from the activities of poachers, who sell them on the black market.

From the harmful effects of drugs can be saved except that of fish, is able to go on the land

Moreover, human waste may affect the condition of important for our planet plants. And plant growth, among other things, in addition to the bad environment, prevent forest fires. In 2018, it became known that due to human activities have been irretrievably lost more than 500 species of plants.

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