Dual rear camera for phone +HTC U12 beats everyone, except for the Huawei P20 Pro

HTC U12+ 9987

The company HTC just slide the curtain officially on her phone, leading the new +HTC U12, but this did not prevent the team DxOMark specialized in testing cameras and smart phones to conduct a general assessment of the rear camera Double for this phone. Got this camera new dual from HTC Corporation on 103 points in the community so that they got 106 points in relation to the experience of taking pictures and 95 points in relation to the experience of filming the videos. As a result, I got the phone +the HTC U12 ranked third, directly behind the phone Huawei P20 Pro.

Say this review that the flagship Phone of the latest from HTC is the best in the market currently when it comes to sharp and dynamic. As it turns out that the phone +the HTC U12 achieves a good balance between cohesion and noise. However, what truly stands out is the auto focus high-speed performance magnification very outstanding. The team DxOMark that the latter is better in this aspect.

Team DxOMark also praised the ability of dual rear camera phone +HTC U12 to capture the video while maintaining stability, and automatic rapid scene, the exposure is excellent, as well as dynamic range and low noise in low light conditions.


But like all smartphone cameras, there are some trade-offs, although most are minor. And audit to a loss in detail during the optical zoom in low light conditions, and the distortions visible in the HDR images, and noise observed in images taken in places that don’t have enough lighting.


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