Dubai 10X allows new horizons of Education for all age groups in Dubai

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Provided the knowledge and Human Development Authority in its participation in the initiative Dubai 10X project “the traveler” which was launched by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai for the future during the sixth session of the World Summit for governments in February 2018, with the aim of transforming what will the cities of the world Ten years after a reality for community members in Dubai city of the future today.

Draft rahal model is flexible, and the concepts of more open education through the collection of different methods and approaches to design, The project targets all age groups, where the aim is to enable them to enrich their knowledge and enhance their experience in learning and upgrading the scientific and.

Prepare a draft knowledge and Human Development Authority is one of the 26 projects submitted by 24 government entity in Dubai, which was adopted by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, where the specialized Committee comprises of experts and specialists in the earlier stage of the study and review more than 160 the idea has been received to participate in the initiative 36 on the one hand in less than 365 days.

And said Dr Abdulla al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and director general knowledge and Human Development Authority : “the form of the Dubai initiative, 10X and directives of the wise leadership an incentive to gives us more confidence to make changes innovative to improve the quality of life of our society, and in the knowledge and Human Development Authority we were able to integrate the requirements of the initiative, with our efforts to change our policies to make positive changes in ways that benefit us as individuals”.

And added ball: “we are currently developing models to launch the pilot phase of the project trips in September 2018, in conjunction with the beginning of the next academic year 2018/2019, and by may 2019 we will collect our partners and stakeholders to obtain their views and to benefit from their proposals to develop the project to become fully prepared to put the recommendations of the future deployment of rahal in Dubai”.

It offers a traveler an alternative approach to learning through its innovative design and unprecedented in the ways and methods of education, where it is believed the style to meet the needs of each student alone, and provides educational content from the society itself, through its institutions, the private sector, and voluntary action, and community groups, which enables the possibility to test the quality of living that they wish to provide to their employees what ensures that the learning outcomes with the requirements of the market.

Through this project students will be able to and interested of part-time study at any other educational institution, as the children will be able to study in two schools or three or four different schools, and will become educated and older the option of “learning in action” whether it is through the function of one or six functions, and will allow parents the option of teaching their children at home or within the surroundings of their social class if they wish, will be able to adults who wish to continue learning from the design of their own programmes according to their needs and their agenda.

Said ball: “the draft rahal, the fruit of the concerted efforts of multiple provided by the specialists and partners of the authority from whom parents of the students of the owners of carefree, gifted and talented students and the owners of special abilities, and students who study in their homes, and education advisors, incubators of ideas, and the private sector, employers, universities, local government agencies, school administrators, teachers, and donors qualifications”.

Said khalfan belhoul, CEO of Dubai for the future: “ Dubai 10X constitute a turning point in the strategic sectors most closely associated with the lives of individuals and the maintenance of proactive these sectors embody the future after ten years comes the development of the education sector as a key factor in motivating individuals and prepare them to keep abreast of changes and forms exclusive offered by Dubai to the world through this initiative.”

Aim directly at Dubai 10X overseen by Dubai for the future to enable government entities in the Emirate of Dubai to replace the world in all sectors, and to make Dubai the city of the future through the re-drafting of the industry the concept and methods of work of government authorities and apply today what will the cities of the world after ten years under the leadership of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy ruler of Dubai.

Cooperating government agencies in the application and implementation of projects with a range of companies, innovation, technology, and professional institutions in line with the directives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, for government entities in Dubai apply today what will other cities of the world Ten years after when you launch it directly Dubai 10X.

Dubai 10X allows new horizons of Education for all age groups in Dubai

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