Dubai hotel project partnership with the cream to expand public transport services 11,000 taxi

دبي تقيم مشروع شراكة مع كريم لتوسيع خدمات النقل العام بـ11,000 سيارة أجرة

Concluded Transport Authority RTA in Dubai agreement with company cream delivery service. to expand the transport services at the level of the emirate under which will read 11,000 taxi under the management of the new company will advertise its logo within the next few months, and start providing services to the public in April 2019, to enable any client to choose any of those cars operating under the transport project.

In this agreement is the first of its kind in the world that stands out among the sector of public transport and a private balcony, specialized delivery services, where it will start its work by taxi and then will be expanded to include other modes of transportation like the bus. and as reported by the spokesman of the company cream.

Include your transport authority and transport by 51% of the total number of cars under this project in due proportion of 49% of cars owned by the cream, as the director-general to the safety of transportation in the emirate rain fly that the goal behind this partnership is to facilitate the operations of the application delivery services to customers with multiple options under the umbrella of a single application rather than the choice of application varying returns of different companies, which enables the course of action of payment through the app and the experience of sharing transport with others.

It is worth mentioning that the company cream outdid its rival in this area is AWeber being a check signed by authority of transport within the tender included five other companies were AWeber is one of them.

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