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Dubai: Hamdi Saad

Using “Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority” to receive 4 new sources of specialized industry and technical knowledge, which is in line with the plans of the Emirates, Dubai efforts to promote the digital economy, and enhance the country’s position in attracting investments to capital intensive.

Said Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni, deputy chief executive for”Dubai Silicon Oasis”, in a press statement: the “Oasis” currently have new companies on the shopping list, with a strong infrastructure and a good environment for doing business in the UAE and to the region, all easily.

He explained Zarooni: that the size of the investment “oasis” of all the projects and light industrial units, consisting of 6 stages up to about 324 million dirhams, and that “Oasis” is constantly striving to identify the requirements of the industrial sector to work to meet them professionally, and in line with the directives of Dubai Industrial up to 2030.

Drew Al Mazrouei noted that “Dubai Silicon” deal selectively in the acceptance of industrial companies and technology, with the aim of providing added value to the economy of Dubai, in a focus on attracting new investment from European and American markets and Chinese and the region, depending on the reputation of Dubai World in attracting quality investment.

Al Zarooni added, that “Oasis” attracted until the end of last year approximately 204 facilities used for industrial and logistics operations, representing the investment strategy contribute to promote “Oasis” as the preferred destination for many global industrial companies, particularly working in the field of manufacturing and assembly technology.

Confirmed Al Zarooni that the “Oasis” Don’t raise rents by 2019, indicating further the preservation of the same parameters almost through 2020, with bike rental regularly, to show the “Oasis” one of the most important free zones in Dubai polarized corporate investments and contributor to good in the overall economy of the emirate.

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