“Duo 2”.. Charging Cable indispensable iPhone

Holders face iPhone iPhone a frequent problem, when a surprise to many people need their phones for while they’re putting the heid and enjoy listening to music, except that at the moment what is close, they will have to respond to the weak battery.

So it can be said that a cable such as the “duo tu” Duo 2 indispensable iPhone iPhone, it is the first Charging Cable in the world for these phones, it can charge without forcing the owners to remove the heid on their ears.

Besides the high quality of the images outside of the cable, it also supports make and answer calls during the shipping process, as the attached link enables you to use the heid favorite you If of quality jack 3.5 mm.

Successful funding drive cable “Duo tu” Duo 2 in the collection of the funding target, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to reach the house of Isis. by next may, priced at 19 dollars (350 pounds approx).

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