Durability test: Watch Phone Pixel 3 XL from Google survive the war and bending (video)

Of the harshest scenes that can confront us and we can pursue with the teeth in place and his mouth half open and eyes semi-closed, is testing the durability or “torture sessions”, so to speak, that relate to a smart phone immediately or as available in the markets, especially if the phone bringing the price to about $ 1000.

Our conversation this time About Phone Pixel 3 XL from Google, which got Zack the owner of the channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube, known as a “radical” in durability tests, and in the new video subjected the phone for torture out of him the phone safe and sound with the exception of some “bruises”.

The beginning was with the choice of scratching the screen which managed to load up the previous level of scratching, as in the previous level has scratches started to appear clearly on the screen, thanks to that screen Pixel 3 XL protected with a layer of Gorilla Glass Glass 5. The result is that the phone will not be affected by whatever it was, if you put in a pocket with keys or coins or sharp objects.

Although the back of the phone comes protected with glass also, but the outer layer of the lower part of which was subjected to the process of freezing will make his color is off, unfortunately it was easy to scratch the back of Pixel 3 XL in its lower part with a blade plain, and a metal key also. The phone frame metal was easy to scratch it off, and using the blade.

As for the test of the war, it was the phone Pixel 3 XL slightly better than other phones, since the pixels on the screen completely without any trace after you know the structure for 30 seconds. Although the glass is inclined, unlike metal or plastic, to fracture, however, attempts to Zack in order to bend the device failed.

If you enjoy watching one of the phones Pixel 3 XL “innocent” she is in a torture session, be sure to watch the video below.

What do you think about what you saw? Do you think the phone Pixel 3 XL solid and worth to buy? Let me know in the comments.

The durability test: Watch Phone Pixel 3 XL from Google survive the war and bending (video) was first deployed in the are.

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