Durability tests with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip raise doubts about the screen Ultra Thin Glass

Claimed Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folding screen uses a glass called Ultra Thin Glass last week while announcing the device, this news was tantamount to a new departure for most phones foldable screens are used to plastic, which can be scratched by the Passat.

So, the replacement of these screens are plastic screen glass gave a lot of hope is the steadfastness of the screen for a long time. But it seems that it is not.

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The Acer famous “Zach Nelson”, the owner of the channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube, conduct a durability test with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the results are unpleasant.

Apparently, he began the appearance of marks and scratches are permanent on the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip in shorter time supposed to appear on a glass screen. In the video, use the Zach several tools in addition to nails on the screen resulting in the appearance of permanent scratches.

It is worth noting that the Galaxy Z Flip comes with several instructions, which warn the user of the use of the tools of the mainstream with the screen of the device or expose it to any airshows extremely for precisely this reason, but if the screen glass already, it shouldn’t lead up to it.

If you have seen the clips of the tests follow the screens glass, you’ll notice that scratches begin to appear from Level VI, with the appearance of the scratches deeper than the previous level. But with the Galaxy Z Flip, started the appearance of scratches from the second level, with the appearance of the scratches protruding from the second level. At the end of the section, began the emergence of deep holes resulting in a broken OLED screen used on the phone, however, there are no signs for the presence of broken glass.

A spokesman for Samsung said that the Galaxy Z Flip features a Flex Display screen with Ultra Thin Glass, as it is enjoyed with a protective layer top of the screen as we saw with the Galaxy Fold.

Is trying Samsung convince us that these scratches just scratches the protective layer external to the police?

I have asked the site The Verge Samsung whether is planning to offer services in replacement of screen Z Flip as it did with the Galaxy Fold, and received Samsung it users Z Flip get screen replacement for one for 119 dollars. Moreover, you can also get a protective layer designed specifically for the Z Flip one free.

Anyway, thought Nelson, that Samsung may use a polymer plastic a hybrid with parts of the microscopic glass mixed in with this screen, so that it can be advertised as a “glass screen”.


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