During the 6 days of the ask for advance.. Huawei know near run out of her cell Mate 20

Group announced the Huawei the work the consumer in Egypt, Huawei closely the entry into force of the quantity in question for the pre-booking of the phone Huawei Mate 20, after just 6 days from the date of put to the service of advance booking of the markets interest which began on 5 December.

Is the Huawei Mate 20 the first phone of the series Mate 20 advanced up to the Egyptian market during the few days, where the phone will be launched to the markets the bank on December 13, 2018.

On this occasion, he stated “Keith Lee”, vice president of Huawei Egypt, saying: “Will smart phone market the source the advent of the Huawei Mate 20 new, which blends revolutionary technology of providing a new era and the capabilities of artificial intelligence AI and provide a great user experience will get the consumer bank for the first time, which includes the first camera in the world with photography at wide angle of the Leica the Leica, which give the user The Zo larger in the pictures.”

Added Keith to me: “as that the phone works with a processor Kirin 980 developer with artificial intelligence, which enjoys the feature of the neural processing of double, which is working to increase the speed of performing the functions and operations of the phone dramatically and focused on certain tasks to provide great features an optimized experience for users. So the phone Huawei Mate 20 the experience of using the arrangement of the aspirations of the users in meeting their needs by doing their daily tasks using their smart phones.”

Enjoy the Huawei Mate 20 a distinct design that combines elegance and innovative technology, where the phone comes with a full display of the HUAWEI Dewdrop value of 6.53 inches and the high dynamic range and accurately FHD+ dimensions 18.7:9 to display the largest area of the phone content, in addition to the camera system an unprecedented component of the three lenses of the Leica camera’s superior imaging technology at wide angle comes in a window box featuring the three cameras with the flash.

Comes phone Mate 20 with Version 9 of the user interface of the famous Huawei EMUI based on the Android operating system Pie, which features a user interface that the adoption of artificial intelligence to implement distributed resources in a smart way and integrated, to gain access to improved performance and Ultra for Android system Android. And the user interface EMUI 9 an excellent experience at all times, maintaining a level of performance even in cases of prolonged usage.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei reached third globally in sales and the sixth largest investor in the world in the field of R & D after consolidation of all its phones the report Meet the requirements and needs of the users. Therefore, a series of Huawei Mate 20 is the largest guide on the superiority of the techniques of the Huawei innovative in the smartphone market where the received power of a tribute to the media and communication world by the consumers, and received the highest global assessments due to their design, unique performance and advanced features photography special.

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