During the Cairo ICT exhibition.. bless reveal screens UniSee parietal innovative for the first time in Egypt

In its fourth participation, respectively in the Cairo ICT Cairo ICT 2018, reviewed the company “Parco” global technology Barco, in collaboration with company Intertech Vision Middle East, screens UniSee wall advanced for the first time in Egypt.

And screens UniSee® mural of Parco incomparable performance being a presentation tool, effective and specially designed spaces such as meeting rooms, luxury lobbies, lounges and reception, centers and control rooms. Feature screens as well as LCD wall as the useless dialogue fully, offering a unique viewing experience.

The design of the screens UniSee® mural of the Parco based on the platform model used panels display Crystal Liquid (LCM) that are produced in the company Barco, which is placed on the installation of innovative benefit from the power of gravity to ensure complete homogenization. It includes the arrangement of all the ports and sockets power, which eases the maintenance burden and equipment to plumbers and planners, Information Technology Managers and facilities.

Portfolio of clients, the public and private sectors in Egypt

Includes portfolio Parco Egypt’s growing a-list clients such as, the new administrative capital, the Bank of Egypt, National Bank of Egypt, the channel “MBC Egypt”, Ministry of the interior.

According to a press release, the company has experienced double-digit growth in Egypt over the past five years, is scheduled to become the next headquarters for the largest wall to wall screens UniSee® soon in the Middle East and Africa.

On this occasion, said Ramzi Itani, vice president of Barco for the Middle East and Africa: “Egypt is witnessing the development of large-scale pay the pace of growth in the information technology sector companies and institutions, we believe Egypt is a very important market for the growth of parkour in the area, come to our participation in the Cairo International Communications and Information Technology in collaboration with شركةIntertech Vision ME, a continuation of the efforts to strengthen our presence and market share.

He added: “We look forward to participating in the next session of the institute that helps us no doubt to review our solutions innovative technology business to a wide range of stakeholders the target”.

Recall that Egypt has achieved economic growth of approximately 5.2%, and it is expected that the ICT sector alone in Egypt increased by 14% in the current year, as compared to the largest rate of growth achieved by this sector in the country grew by 12.5% in 2017.

Were the State 22 of the Cairo International Communications and Information Technology, Cairo ICT was held from 25 to 28 November, under the patronage of His Excellency Abdel Fattah el-Sisi president of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The annual international event means the sector of communications and information involving more than 500 companies from 16 countries around the world. And review “Barco” وIntertech Vision Middle East in their joint Pavilion, in the center of Egypt for international exhibitions, product variety such as solutions presentations and participatory.

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