During the MWC 2018.. “ESET” reveal the latest security risks for home smart

Use the company “ESET” ESET technology of information security to launch the latest solutions of its security related to the Internet of things the Internet of Things, in addition to her research on security and privacy related to smart home devices, during the Mobile World Congress MWC, scheduled to take place from 26 February to 1 March, in Barcelona, Spain.

According to a press release, will “ESET” ESET, through its platform number 7H41 in Hall 7, as part of a tour of the Internet of things IOT at the conference, experts will security “ESET”, highlighting the role of the police in the protection of ecosystems in the area of Internet of things, which is a top priority in today’s world, which has become more connected and interconnected than ever before.

“Juraj money Wenzhou,” Chief Technology Officer “ESET”, saying: “We are still seeing a rise in the rate of malware for Android Android –and it was from ware (virus ransomware electronic) role in it– due to the growing number of malicious apps and targeted attacks. And therefore the greater the number of devices used in the markets will increase the rate of risks that will be exposed to individuals and business. The Mobile World Congress is the perfect platform for us to share our vision, the industry leader in information security, and show the latest research relating to the concerns of privacy in order to help protect users in the present and in the future.”

Pirates in the region

The smart home devices are the main news that will be highlighted at the Mobile World Congress and there is no doubt that the latest and greatest innovative smart devices will be displayed during the conference. If consumers seek constantly in order to get more smart connected devices in their homes. And despite their access to its benefits, these devices have a dark side, where the shared user data private and sensitive relating to their daily life.

Are concerns about smart devices justified? To address this, the engineers at “ESET” to test how a smart home device to communicate with networks and manufacturers. At the Mobile World Congress, Tesla will “ESET” light on the concept of the purpose of building smart home team will work to review the potential risks to security and privacy posed by these tools.

New solutions for new technology

Did you know that 90% of TVs are Android vulnerable to hacking huh? Don’t miss the opportunity to get the new security solution from “ESET” TVs Android, which provides advanced technology against cyber criminals who target connected TVs.

Ransom ware threat of global

It was the year 2017 is definitely the year of the attacks, ransom-ware virus (ransomware e -), at Mobile World Congress 2018 you can get an appointment to see research “ESET”, which related to Branson finds on Android devices, which provides the latest results and a detailed view on the extent of the involvement of the Android devices with the risks and economics of ransom-ware global, which impact on the telecommunications companies and internet service providers over the past 12 months and how successful have “ESET” in the fight against these evolving risks.

Meet with security experts

During the events of this year’s conference, Mobile World, celebrating the “ESET” over three years on its inception. Over the past three decades, the company’s experts to protect their clients from threats on, and at the Conference this year visitors can meet with the chief executive of the technology “Juraj money Picchu” and”Tony’s not”, expert global security company “ESET”, as well as expert security awareness specialist is the “one cubic”, the Director of global sales “Geronimo Varela” in the company’s booth.

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