During the weeks, asking Samsung phones with new colors

Samsung has decided to have its phones in a new color for the next few days according to arrangements reliable, since not so long ago we heard rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be launched soon in the color “cardinal red”, and at the time didn’t want it reported phone Samsung Galaxy S10e, it now appears that this phone will be presented also in this Color. This as written by Roland Quandt in an article on the website WinFuture.

Calling the author of the article that the red version of the three models is likely to be available in Europe during the next few weeks, and that some countries might get it until next week (the week beginning 10 June), however there isn’t any news whether the United States and Australia will get this Color, confirmed Quandt also images that show Samsung Galaxy S10e new color, and you can see them that red is too bright, and it seems that the rest of the phones will come in the same color.

Any of the Samsung phones will come in red?

لون جديد لـ هواتف سامسونج يتم طرحه خلال أيامA new color for the Samsung phones being put through days

It seems that color is the only thing that will change here with the continuation of specifications and prices of Samsung Galaxy S10e (and S10 and S10 Plus) as it is, not only that but you may come to some phones in that color while do not come again, where, according to Quandt that in the case of Galaxy S10e is expected to come to class that contains random access memory (RAM) with a capacity of 6 GB and the memory storage of 128 GB in red, which indicates that the highest version memory random access (RAM) The 8 GB of memory storage with a capacity of 256 GB might not come in that color.

It is not clear currently any versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 andGalaxy S10 Plus will appear in red, but if the Quandt right about the timing of the launch, you’ll discover that soon.

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