Dutch authorities: Microsoft is violating the laws of the GDPR

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السلطات الهولندية: مايكروسوفت تخرق قوانين GDPR

Noted Dutch authorities in the report to that mechanism all remote data that is used by company Microsoft within the software package, Office Microsoft Office, which includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, violating the laws of the general regulations of data protection the European GDPR, adding that the office collects email data, including the content of your email messages, violates the rules of European data, the report recommends a number of issues found by investigators in relation to the requirements of ProPlus products Office 2016 and Office 365, along with the web version of Office 365.

Said the Dutch investigators said they found a large collection of personal data through office, compiled by Microsoft without informing the users, the company said it collected data for the purposes of function and security, the company sent earlier this data from Europe to the data centers in the United States, but they tried to make their products compatible with the general rules of the protection of European data by storing Office documents for users of the European Union on servers within the European Union.

He explained to investigators that they had identified a large range of confidential personal data through the potential of collecting data on the After built-in office, and that Microsoft engaged in a range of telemetry this secretly without informing the users properly, the report added AN investigators have not found any official documents about the information collected by the company through the office and there is no way to turn off telemetry, which raises serious concerns regarding privacy, all users of SoftMaker Office the current, regardless of geographical location.

Admitted to the investigators that Microsoft has collected data of functional diagnostic which is usually standard practice among software developers, but they also found that the Office apps have also collected content for apps users, such as subject lines email and all of the documents that was used to upgrade features or spell checker to your company, including, the report found that the system for collecting telemetry and sending the user data to the Dutch to the USA servers, making them vulnerable to the possibility of revealed information to law enforcement agencies were in the United States.

And the Dutch government is deeply concerned that sensitive information relating to the government of the Netherlands, which probably has got the system of data collection on the part of them, may have reached the servers of America, where the Dutch government applications office on more than 300 thousand computers, according to the latest public numbers, as the investigation found also that the range of the telemetry for office is much more spacious than those found in the operating system Windows 10, the investigators said that the police gathers up to 25 thousand kinds of the events Office, It is the data that is provided for up to 30 team engineered.

While the combines Windows 10 up to 1200 kinds of events, and Share this data with up to 10 teams engineering only, investigators said the Netherlands they were already in contact with Microsoft about their findings and promised to address these issues, coupled with its emphasis on working in collaboration with the authorities to resolve these issues, in order to avoid receiving a substantial fine in accordance with the laws of the GDPR, as I told Microsoft investigators that they intend to provide documentation about the data that it collects program telemetry, With the provided options even more evident when users are able to specify the desired level of collected telemetry.

The company promised to provide the tool to display the data so that users and managers of the systems display the telemetry data raw materials that are collected through the office, it’s similar to this actions suggested by Microsoft the way you handled that company fertility problems that have been reported with the telemetry system Windows 10 in 2016, where the company released the following year, in 2017, the documentation about the type of the telemetry data collected, and allowed users to choose between a number of levels of the program during system installation or upgrade, and issued an application to view the telemetry data.

The report noted that Microsoft agreed to make a plan to improve its services, and explained its commitment to provide these changes for them in the month of April/April 2019, a Microsoft spokesman said: “We are committed to the privacy of our customers, making them speak in their data and ensure that the Office ProPlus, products and services other company comply with the general rules of the data protection and other applicable laws, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss our practices in dealing with the Diagnostic Data in the Office ProPlus with the Dutch Ministry of justice and look forward to a successful resolution to any concerns”.

The gate Arab News Technical Dutch authorities: Microsoft is violating the laws of the GDPR

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