DxOMark: camera selfie for-iPhone XS Max among the best cameras but!

DxOMark site is months Site a global specialist in the evaluation of the quality of the cameras both backup DSLR or smart devices. Website revealed yesterday about the new step he has done is the assessment of the front camera “camera selfie” and explained that she had become popular and already began to provide 12 smartphone newly. Did Apple’s hardware is modern, the centre developed it? Continued with us.

According to the published site DxOMark ranked the iPhone XS Max ranked fourth in the rankings photo portraiture “personal” in the sense of 82 points. Came in ranked first, Google Phone Pixel 3 phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 came in second phone Shawty Mi MIX 3.

According to the website, the iPhone XS Max produces better pictures, whether still photos or video in good light condition. Has got in both cases the “images and video” on the score of 81 and 82, respectively. The reason was the delay for the fourth occasion the loss of some points because of the poor performance in low light. While the iPhone XS lag and came in tenth place, where he got 71 points.

In general, the results of the camera iPhone XS Max front among the best results observed in the front cameras with features such as HDR and photo mode portraiture “personal” and the impact of poker “bokeh effects “. And images portraiture is very strong due to the effect of depth is very good.

The following image shows the effect of poker in the XS Max compared to the phone Google 2 Pixel:

Google Phone 2 Pixel:

The results of DxOMark to to the weaknesses of the camera front-to-iPhone XS Max is noise, it is visible on the faces in the many photos taken out of the lab. There are also problems in white balance, especially in foreign places, where the colors look and its not normal.

The company noted that the results are still acceptable, but things only worsened under low-light conditions. Include to that there is a slight improvement compared with its predecessor iPhone X.

The results came as follows:

While in the centre developed my phone Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9 with a score of 92 points. Said DxOMark site to Phone Pixel 3 miss in some of the points detailed on Note 9-like focus.

And Note 9 also in some of the detailed points such as the exposure of the “Exposure” in the sense of the amount of light falling on the camera sensor, the color in the photo portraiture. Said Lars Rehm from the company DxOMark “to the images captured using the phone, Google demonstrated a slightly stronger and the balance open for the color white,” he said, the Samsung is slightly better in the property compensation and apply a little contrast on the faces, making them look more natural.

Have you noticed that the Huawei phones is the best in the world in photography back come installed late in the camera power? This means that it depends on the 3 cameras to provide a good picture and not the sophisticated techniques just like you do Google like Samsung.

What do you think about this report? And do you see delays is clear for all selfie camera in the iPhone in general? Tell us in the comments



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