DxOMark: Mix Xiaomi Mi 2S has one of the best cameras on the market

Dual camera Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, whose presentation took place this morning, capable of taking pictures at the same level with the iPhone X. To such conclusion experts of laboratory DxOMark came on the audit results of the photographic abilities of the new products, evaluating them in a total of 97 points.

Camera Xiaomi Mi 2S has a Mix of two modules: a wide angle and a telephoto with a resolution of 12 megapixels and a sensor size 1/2,6 1/3 and 4 inches, respectively. Although these figures are far from industry leaders, looking ahead, we note that with noise the new iPhone better than X.

Thanks to telephotometer Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix feels great when shooting portrait photos. Experts DxOMark praised the ability of the smartphone’s camera to determine the depth of the frame and high-quality background blur effect behind the subject.

Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix / iPhone X

The quality of images made using optical approximation, according to experts at DxOMark, is also higher than the iPhone X. However, in this mode, the shooting begins to suffer the camera’s autofocus, and then change the point of fixation.

Photos taken in natural light, go with no aberrations and peresvecheno. But the dynamic range was somewhat limited compared to the flagships of competitors, which is obviously not expected from the device, which the manufacturer calls “an improved version of the iPhone X”.

In General, the camera Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix works very accurately. She copes with the adjustment of the white balance regardless of the shooting conditions, no facilities, but has a tendency to a glut of green and blue hues when shooting vegetation and sky.

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