DxOMark testing of the safety cameras right now, the two phones Google Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9 in the introduction to the arrangement


It’s been a long time, but the team began to DxOMark has finally tested the cameras selfies on smartphones. And test the front cameras of smartphones through the analysis of more than 1,500 images and more than two hours of video, are taken with each device knowing that it has already been test 10 phones until now.

For the first, it was the share of each of the Google Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9, followed by the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in second place. When it comes to the phone iPhone XS Max from Apple, it ranks fourth in this list. It is interesting to find the phone +Galaxy S9 gets a lower score than the Galaxy Note 9 although the congruence at the level of the gear. We believe that the reason for this is the test +Galaxy S9 before the arrival of the updated camera.


According to the DxOMark, the phone the Google Pixel 3 offers the best self-portraits, they are justified according to the best detail and smoothness, although there is some noise. For Galaxy Note 9, it offers images with a stretching device with less noise, but it shows less detail, but it is still the best phone fit to pick up a video resume thanks to the colors of good stability and excellent presentation of the face in all conditions. On the other hand, it has been commended by phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 thanks to selfies cloudy dull background of innovative.

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