E-Dinar: Tunisia is the first country to ratify the work of electronic state-subsidized

Tunisia announces the “E-Dinar” (E-dinar) and become the first country in the world believe the work of an electronic supported by the Central Bank of the state CBDC.
Agency news Russian official announced that Tunisia cooperated with the company Universal (Universa) of the Russian launch electronic currency. It has been confirmed all through the exchange of dinars, e-one between the director of the Tunisian central bank and a representative of the agency for International Monetary.
While the world was waiting for China to launch its digital Party-backed central bank, Tunisia shocked everyone for her pioneering and issuance of Dare digital before the day of digital. E-Dinar is not encrypted, and thus it differs completely from the process of “amputation” of the Venezuelan. The government of Tunisia the digitization process by the printed instead of creating a new currency.
People will be able to make come cash via this E-Dinar in a significant number of shops and cafes and some other places. Will be able to purchase currency online or over 2000 booth planned to launch it nationwide soon.
I know the Tunisian government about its ambitions transparently as she tries to trade its currency at the global level to the extent of the control of the US dollar on the exchanges and international financial. It also aims to secede from the SWIFT global money transfer, which owns the ability to cut off financial channels for any state at any time. E-Dinar puts power in the hands of the Central Bank of Tunisia.
As the project has provoked concern about the power that gives her the program to buy Universal (Universa) of the Russian, the company will receive a percentage of every exchange is through currency. However, the company announced that it does not have access to the private keys, and does not have the authority to share financial records.
This step Tunisia is tantamount to a declaration of war digital currency electronic between several forces such as China and Brazil, which operate on the feelings of their own. Other countries such as Canada, Singapore, and Thailand are considering the same thing.

Article translated from the original.

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