E-Palette a typical car-driving aims to re-invent the delivery system for electronic


The company’s leading position in the field of automobile industry reveal a new concept car the self driving can be used for the purposes of retail and e-commerce called e-Palette. Is structured the concept of the e-Palette on a self-driving car can be customized to serve a wide range of purposes. For example, workers can one create this car to serve as a food truck, while can the other converted to a motorhome. This car model can employ them also as a service of taxi on demand, and deliver applications that are made online, can also employ them as mobile. Possibilities are endless.

It’s a platform and the flexibility can be easily adapted to assess a wide range of services. Explain the company’s how the car model e-Palette change system shopping e-stores. For example, the company reported to Toyota that this car is self-driving will arrive to the Customer after they submit an application for the Tesla products, so you after that the car continued its way towards another customer.


And can be combined with a large number of car model e-Palette to create a system of integrated Delivery along the city and blur the lines between traditional department stores, retail stores and electronic stores. As has been already mentioned, the control model of the e-Palette will be self-driving, fully as it will be Electric. Moreover, it will allow Toyota to its partners using the technology of self-driving. According to Toyota, it has also stated that he can re-prepare all the units of this car in within one day to serve a completely different purpose.

Established the company’s Alliance partners to support e-Palette Alliance to Support Mobile e-commerce. The partners in this alliance include Uber and Amazon and DiDi and Pizza Hut and other companies. And the company’s use of the electric car model e-Palette at the Olympic Games which will be in the Japanese capital Tokyo in 2020.

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