E-security is a priority business

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With the increasing security threats faced by companies become a balancing resources one of the strategic issues faced by companies in the present day, the list of companies and brands that have been damaged credibility and finances due to cyber attacks is unprecedented, it is clear that the alarm is now acknowledged in various fields, in spite of the presence of a large number of managers of information security on the coast, however, there is widespread concern at the lack of information security into the strategic focus of the objective.

The study concluded that conducted by company F5 networks, recently with the support of the Institute of Bon lemon to 60 percent of the managers of information security believe that cyber-security is today a priority business, despite increasing levels of awareness about clear, however, the report reveals that the need for improvement is still required too, where if a significant proportion of companies didn’t move up on employing experts to the security of the Internet of things “41 percent” or the purchase and dissemination of technologies new security to deal with potential new risks “32 percent”.

Also, finding the right talent is a big obstacle, with nearly 56 percent of the To identify qualified candidates and employment, has been described nearly half of the managers of information security, surveyed that census employees have insufficient “42 percent”.

It is clear that the level of general side against e-crime is still a minor, it can be said that the voice of managers of information security is allowed in this regard, it should be called clearly, it is major concern that the study highlighted is the lack of actions and initiatives in the summit of the administrative hierarchy, as it is believed 80 percent of the managers of information security, surveyed that the Internet of things will happen a big change or some on security practices, however, Noted 41 percent that their company does not employ the experts required in the security of the Internet of things.

And still the arsenal of the pirates are constantly evolving, becoming more targeted, in terms of evolution and the mechanisms used, what requires re-shaping the payments accordingly, the start of a DDoS attack DDoS, and confidentiality of the data, and get data and credits and even social engineering and beyond, must become the changing landscape of threats is a top priority, otherwise the company will find itself losing in the end.

Bridging the gap in the market of competencies and skills

You think the skills gap of the other bombs ticking that can’t be ignored any longer, there is a wide field to become various industries more preventive and focused professional in the field of cyber security, for example, that encouraging women to pay more attention to the industry gives companies a great opportunity to cover and develop skills.

The schools responsibility is also great, it has been said a lot about promoting science, technology, engineering and Mathematics in schools, but this enhancement is still weak, and with the addition of security to this group, we will become more willing to bridge the skills gap in the future, it is therefore incumbent on the managers of information security to be the defenders heard the heads of fans in both industrial and academic, as we can’t stay quiet on the side lines anymore.

Interruption of contact

Despite of the growing place of the managers of information security, they must communicate better, and they have a guarantee of influence at the Board level and not talk to the supplier of the negative to become more effective in shaping the culture of the company.

The results of most concern provided by the study is that 19 percent of the managers of the security of the information they had reported to the Board of Directors for the data breaches, in addition, the 46 Vieira percent of them to communicate at the level of chief executives and the Board of Directors only in the event of breaches of the substance data and exposure to the attacks of an electronic material, which represents a disruption of serious and requires immediate treatment, particularly in determining the priority for such crucial areas as application security and data management.

But unfortunately, the drop out is also a symptom of the relationship between security and other departments, where 58 percent of companies and managers of information security to the information security function are independent, this means increasing the lack of an Information Security Strategy on the level of the entire enterprise, while about 22 percent just that security is integrated with other task while the own 45 percent of IT security positions without lines to clearly determine the responsibility.

And without the presence of an information security strategy that covers the entire enterprise, organizations may find themselves unprepared and cyber attacks will be shortcomings in various parts of the organization because of Bad practices, and this requires space to do something about it.

Mike said once Molyneux, Director of the information security F5 networks: “The managers of information security today and get ready to achieve greater impact at the higher levels with the support of executive management and the board, the balance of power is changing, which is also the swing, turns on the weight of the expectations of the executive team and the Board of Directors and priorities for action, and in the case of a money field to the wrong direction, lost resources, and I can only expect more of the disorders and crimes of the internet, and for any Foundation is how stimulus and response, therefore, rests with the managers of information security, about the unprecedented, the responsibility of driving change in this area”.

E-security is a priority business

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