E-security week: Ukraine stopped a Russian attack on its infrastructure and break through the company SpyHuman

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الأمن الإلكتروني في أسبوع: أوكرانيا توقف هجوم روسي على بنيتها التحتية، واختراق شركة SpyHuman

The world is witnessing currently a big rise in operations to penetrate the systems of e-Security where the rate increased penetrations of up for more than a week of targeting institutions and infrastructure in some States and a host of major companies, finally targeting military secrets.

After weeks of chaos that does not subside, and enable the world of electronic security to catch his breath a little, but it didn’t last too much as he appeared many breakthroughs during the current week, including:

The attacks of pirates Ross on the station distribution of chlorine used in disinfection of drinking water in Ukraine:

Announced the Ukrainian security services this week that it stopped trying to attack letter against the station for the distribution of chlorine used in water disinfection, the Russia of targeting systems infrastructure in Ukraine frequently including cyber attacks on its electrical system. In the attack on the station distribution of the chlorine seems to be pirates and the Russians use a program VPNFilter malignant – which is the same that infected half a billion router in the month of May – in an attempt to disrupt operations at the station, which provides clean water throughout the country. Did not provide Ukraine a lot of detail about how the thwarted attack exactly, but she said it would have “catastrophic consequences possible.”

The breakthrough company spyware SpyHuman, stealing text and metadata calls:

This week was hacked a company called SpyHuman, a royal development SpyHuman the user to monitor the Android phones and trade them through the system developed by some programmers of the applications and who they didn’t know about their hobbies, included the hack process access to the text messages and the details of 440 million calls. As it turns out that the position of the SpyHuman also contains a security vulnerability clear and allowed hackers to read the flow of SMS messages from several senders whose identity is unknown.

New results in investigations of the penetration of Russia in the American election in 2016:

After four months of relative calm in the investigations of Russia’s intervention in the American election in 2016 accused the Special Adviser to the Robert Muller 12 officers from the Russian intelligence to penetrate all of the Democratic National Committee DNC committees, Congressional campaign of the Democratic DCCC, and the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Is unlikely to be caught in the fact, but after the publication of this charge we know a lot about the intelligence services of the Russian more than we know in the last week.

The Department of Justice released the indictment consists of 29 pages, containing 11 cases of between them carried out by the intelligence services of the Russian military to subvert the campaign of the candidate of democracy, Hillary Clinton competition to Trump, in addition to a lot of breakthroughs another, ranging from phishing attacks to gain access to the clients of the Democrats, and the operations of money laundering, and piracy problems of the state assemblies elections.

According to the indictment: “the Russians used cyberattacks known as spearphishing to gain access to the network of the Democratic National Committee and the Committee of the election campaign for Congress”.

Currently entitled to counsel Muller if Trump’s campaign is in cahoots with Russia and whether the President Trump had sought illegally to obstruct the investigations relating to Prussia, has completed investigations of the intelligence agencies of the United States in January 2017 that Russia’s use of propaganda and penetration to the elections to harm the both of us, to help Trump win in the end.

And speaking of Russian Intelligence also this week, the company faced Facebook charges New as the company gave the Russian Internet giant Mail.ru private access to users data a year after 2015, any non-canceled Facebook officially is allowing third-party applications access to user data.

According to Facebook: ” has been given Mail.ru to extend the for two weeks to cancel the feature found two apps for messaging which enable users to see lists of friends, their Facebook and communicate with people who also have apps Mail.ru during the Addendum. At least the app was available only to access lists of Friends of the people and not any information about your interests or concerns these friends”.

Confirmed the Facebook group applications Mail.ru I don’t have access to the data of Friends of users since May 2015, after having been changing our API. And even now still Facebook is entitled in apps Mail.ru.

Became print firearms with a three-dimensional code is now:

Spread the exciting news about the printing of firearms report of a three-dimensional, on Tuesday 10 July Ministry of Justice announced a historic settlement with a company manufacturing weapons taken from the Austin headquarters and is a startup company controversial led by Cody Wilson Cody Wilson arms factory with three-dimensional, this means that it is allowed now to distribute the design of its arms freely.

The United States used phones Spy to track the suspects:

It is more the issues of security, e-exciting public opinion, was the investigation conducted by human rights watch and by the way, which was distributed by the United States so-called phones spy on suspects which have been pre-loaded with malware for surveillance, or have their encryption keys using its law enforcement agencies.

The flag of Taiwan leads to the collapse of the iPhone:

During this week damaged Apple from its control in favour of China on an emoji is a symbol of the world to Taiwan, where she added, Apple mainly some emoji to the system to mobile devices iOS iOS with the aim not to offer phones in China for Taiwan, where the error in this code expressions lead to the collapse of the devices to some users whenever they use they emoji icon for Taiwan, regardless of the quality of the app user.

Hacked files are very sensitive relating to aircraft without pilots of the US Army and offered for sale on the dark web The Dark Web:

From security issues to e-the most unusual this week is to try one of the intruders on the intranet sites selling files are very sensitive relating to aircraft MQ-9 Reaper drone, which looks like it was stolen from an officer in the air force, the air in the US Army, andhe said the company Recorded Future specialist in the field of cyber security, it’s discovered trying to sell those confidential files in a web forum in the last month, and that the hacker was simply asking for the routers Netgear, the Described to this information after the two members of the U.S. military to connect to the Internet through routers the Netgear, which did not address the problem of poor known to lead to easily penetrate.

These included documents that were advertised for $ 150 and $ 200, and the technical details of the aircraft MQ-9 Reaper.

It is worth mentioning that this drone may have been used in tasks of covert surveillance quality, and other organizations, including border control, and the company that guides and maintenance manuals and a list of employees who have been assigned to work on a fix for this type of aircraft has been sold.


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