EA fix security holes that were millions of users of the platform Origin to the

Electronic Arts origin_access_premier

The security companies Check Point Research and CyberInt monitor the security flaws in the gaming platform Origin, a subsidiary of Electonic Arts, which if used would be millions of users of this product risk. Could hackers through exploiting these vulnerabilities take on millions of accounts to exploit it and to. Has warned companies of the security of the aforementioned company Electronic Arts to these vulnerabilities provide the latter quickly fill those gaps.

Related targets to be Electronic Arts is the second-largest digital games in the world, it does embrace many of their games on the platform of Origin to allow customers to buy and use on desktops or laptops of their own. It also provides the features of the Social, such as managing personal files, and communicate via chat and join games.

You think these security holes detected on the sub-domains of archaisms, and use of the company Electronic Arts-code authentication, the mechanisms of TRUST, and sign in materials built-in login process. If you take advantage of security loopholes to this, as it may cause a lot of problems for users of Electronic Arts and Origin. They had millions of accounts may have been compromised, it is certain that Electronic Arts will face some difficult times as a result.

Revealed Check Point Research and CyberInt for security vulnerabilities responsibly to buy Electronic Arts so that has been fixed and close them before they are exploited by the Pirates. On this subject, stated the director of the first security of the games and the changes in the company Electronic Arts, Mr. Adrian Stone, said : ” as a result of the development of CyberInt and Check Point Research, we engage in charge of security management products in the company in the process to address the problems that have been reported “.

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