Early to rejoice: Bitcoin could still fall to $ 2,000

Over the last two weeks of emotional background on the stock market has had some time to seriously change. After some time, the sentiment of the crowd changed in the direction of fear. In other words, now everyone is afraid of the new plum Bitcoin.

Analysts insist that such indicator, on the contrary, evidence of the inevitable rise. However, there is another opinion on this. Trader under the name Jonathan recently tweeted a very negative Outlook on the major cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, BTC has a chance to drop up to $ 2000 in the near future.

Opened shorts?

Earlier, Jonathan said that the breakthrough of the resistance in the area of 5000 dollars is “utter nonsense”. He did not believe a single jerk of Bitcoin, a sufficient condition for the formation of a new uptrend. Earlier, a similar thought was expressed by the Creator of the Civic Vinny Lingham.

I mentioned that a break above $ 5,000 is nonsense. Yes, it happened, but it is important to exactly how it happened. It seems that the people something that they don’t understand. Wait for the drop to $ 2,000, accompanied by the squeals of Hontarov.

A sincere belief in bullrun bury Bitcoin. Due to the fact that the majority believed in the formation of the bottom, the market will collapse again. From Jonathan is quite a bold prediction, but it has the right to life.

Other experts are more optimistic in their forecasts. Even the situation in the chart cryptocurrency is in favor of the investors, because according to the formation of Fibonacci retracement Bitcoin has the potential to grow to $ 7,500 in the near term.

While the market is preparing to break higher, we recommend you to check the prospects of the remaining coins. We will remind, recently, analysts Weiss Ratings identified four of the most popular project, the adoption of which has increased dramatically in 2018.


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