Earn money linking thousands of dollars from selling photos on the AGORA

Of the business activities that you can practice it on the internet, we sell pictures both taken by a camera specialist, or with your phone’s camera flagship you are using.

Of course the images should be yours by taken of a landscape or a particular event or a specific activity or phenomenon is impressive.

And platform AGORA is one of the platforms that play the role of mediator between the owners of the pictures and wanting to buy them from individuals, corporations and the media.

It is true that there are platforms months of this, but the platform AGORA has achieved great fame in short period of time, which was founded in Barcelona, Spain, and take it from there based.

And behind the house a large team of specialists and who want to change the game by providing a platform easy to use and no fees on transactions made through them.

In this article we’ll talk about this product which provides for designers to make money linking thousands of dollars from the sale of photos.

  • The first platform without commissions

Lack AGORA by being the first platform in the world not deduct any commission from the sellers or buyers and provide them an open platform for sale and purchase, without the control of the central mechanisms of the dictatorship provided by the platform suitable.

This means that if you sell your photo at a price of $ 9.99 like you will get full and will not be convinced even if enacted for the region.

The organization said on its website: “our model is unique, like our society, the market AGORA free of brokers so that photographers get 100% of the money from the sale, buyers can get a photo cheaper, without a subscription or additional fees, the bank will analyze the best shot of their app and participate in contests sponsored by brands to win with money and life-changing experiences and other bonuses, vote for users to get the best sound”.

  • Social platform is available on smart phones

Although you can browse the web version of this product and also and login and do various other operations are possible, but focus more on mobile smart phones through the provision of Applied and professional on both the App Store and also Google Play.

Operate the organization systems social networks through availability of the feature ratings and the users, as large companies working on the organization of competitions on the website to the designers and the prizes be material good.

The app has been downloaded million times from Google Play alone, without counting the number of downloads on other app stores.

  • You images are all for sale?

Will all the images in your gallery for sale if you sign up as a seller, be sales of your photos is unlimited, as long as you’re the legal owner and you have rights to the images.

To sell your photos in the photo AGORA, you must have the account Stripe active to be able to make payments safely and easily.

Platform Stripe is the best payment management system for websites and mobile applications, handling thousands of euro each year, supports Stripe business models and the most creative in the world, if you don’t have an account AGORA, you’ll first need to create an account for free on the product, if you already have an account in the AGORA and want to become a salesman, you’ll need to create your account from here.

  • Who would buy pictures of me?

Everyone can purchase images displayed on this region, both individuals or companies and institutions in addition to media institutions.

At some point, it is likely that all organisations need to picture the content of their communications and marketing, this sound may be for you, load your photos into photo gallery AGORA can even be purchased!

  • How much can I earn from selling the pictures on the AGORA

There are two ways to make money from AGORA the first is to participate in competitions organized by companies and fasten the money in full.

If you won your photo contest with a photo AGORA, you will get 100% of prize money, change the awards depending on the brands that promote competitions, every week there are new contests with major prizes, posted for free with your pictures!

The second method is viewing your pictures on a home sale, and can access the image through the web site and the search engines applications.

Determines your level as a source of the selling price of your images, so you must earn stars to increase your level:

  • Newbie (0 – 5000 star) = earn $ 0.99 per download.

  • Advanced (5000 – 100000 star) = earn $ 1.99 for each download process.

  • Pro (the 100, 000 – 250, 000 to star) = earn $ 4.99 for every download.

  • Master (more than 250, 000 star) = profit of $ 9.99 per download.

This means that there are multiple levels of vendors and every one of them is to determine the prices of the photos published by the and his work on the House.

The amount of success that gives the image, or the total number of stars accumulated by the user, is a way to show the individual and his work. That the greater the number of stars, the higher they appear in search operations, communications, and promotions.

  • I’m a professional photographer and I don’t want to be at the rank of newbie

You have experience in export and deal even with some companies and institutions and working on some other platforms and want to increase the income through joining this organization.

Better to write for through the hello@agoraimages.com accompanied by a link to your work, the team will expert product images of the report and determine access to a higher level.

To assess the levels of the best to have at least 100 pictures in the photo gallery AGORA your.

  • Can I join in competitions and introduce also Images for sale?

Yes absolutely, this is available to all sellers, it is best to participate in contests but I give priority to basically to view more images in the gallery business.


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