Easier to nowhere: how to mine cryptocurrency in just one click for everyone

Don’t want to sit in a hot room with a dinning farms? Have WinMiner has the right solution. The service uses a sophisticated algorithm to maximize the effective use of the PC in the extraction of crypto currencies. From the user does not require any extra movements — WinMiner will do everything for you. Take a look at how best mining “one click”.

Like mine the crypt on your computer

WinMiner is a special platform, where anyone can mine the most profitable coins at the moment. Users do not need to buy new equipment, because they can just turn hours of downtime of your PC in a passive income. WinMiner offers regular payments with a minimum threshold of a withdrawal of only $ 5.

Another advantage of the service — the most simple design. It can understand even non-industry people. It is possible that the platform will play a key role in attracting new people into adult mining.

Unlike ICO, where the promises of the developers end after krautsalat, WinMiner already has a working product, and about 200 thousand active users. Native token, the company will launch on the blockchain Aion, this will be an important event in the life of both projects. Cooperation start-UPS told the CEO of Aion Foundation, Matt Spoke.

Our goal is create a technology that would allow the project to work without restriction in speed, scalability, and cost. I am very glad that WinMiner will be one of the first startups that are running on our database.

The potential of the project also confirmed its first major investment. Recently, the Fund Bicameral Ventures has invested one million dollars in private presales tokens WinMiner. This information was confirmed by the founder of the Foundation Kasem Frank.

Bicameral and WinMiner reveal the full potential of blockchain technology. We have been very pleased with the team platform.

Image source — NewsBTC

WinMiner conducts his campaign fundraising, she is now at the stage of presale. During the public phase of the ICO service will provide its customers a 40% bonus when you purchase tokens for mined coins on the platform.

Information prepared in Bitcoinist. We also recommend visiting our pool 2Miners.


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