Easy steps to restore the notifications Android deleted

Possible to lose users Android to notifications to their device, easily, when you see its list fast, being cleared of their contents, sometimes by surprise, you reveal now about the optimal way in order to restore notifications after you delete it.

How to access log notifications Android “History”

خطوات سهلة لاستعادة اشعارات أندرويد المحذوفة

The back log of notifications, Notifications Log for the first time via the Android 4.3 Jellybean, you can access it through Android Lollipop available بـAndroid Pie, as it allows for a record of notifications to the user the opportunity to watch the notices deleted, but in a special way requiring most of the time this option is enabled, developers developer options to unlock the Widget, and then use notifications lost.

Requires unlock developer options to access phone Settings > About Phone, then press the Build Number several times, to show you after 3 or 4 clicks of consecutive screen notifications to let you know you Developer.

Steps to restore the notifications Android deleted

خطوات سهلة لاستعادة اشعارات أندرويد المحذوفة

Is the beginning in a long click on an empty area of Home screen for Android, and before clicking on the widgets, then go to the left or down the list widget, so we get to the Settings shortcut.

In the next step we click on the widget so long to show us your home screens, which we choose among them the best suited to protect the widget, then we Press on the notification log which can be found the list of Settings shortcut.

Find in the last step notification clear log on the home page as we reveal the previous image, where it then clicked to access the notification history, so you can retrieve the notifications easily lost.

Methods and applications of alternative

خطوات سهلة لاستعادة اشعارات أندرويد المحذوفة

It seems to follow the previous steps, ideal for users of Android, but it won’t work unfortunately with phones that carry the UI or user interface is different, as is the case with Samsung, so it comes in handy to apply the Notification History Log, which allows access to the notifications stored for a number of days, varies according to the value paid.

In the case of non-success of the solutions mentioned above, it becomes necessary to download the launcher Launcher latest, with the choices available then, only to the most distinguished among them according to many experts is Nova Launcher, especially it most suitable to deal with the problem of the notifications is lost.

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