EasyJet will test your electroanalyt in 2019, but will come to market later than planned

Recently, the electric vehicle develops some very rapidly. And it concerns not only the areas of automotive and personal compact vehicles like Segways and electric bicycles. Some companies are seriously thinking about commissioning of the aircraft running on electricity. And one of the British corporations EasyJet recently announced that tests of its electroanalyt will be held next year.

The first phase of testing will take place on one of the test sites Wright Electric, which is EasyJet signed an agreement in 2017. Engineers Wright Electric has recently completed the development of a motor that you plan to test on a nine-seater experimental aircraft.

“Flying electrocatalytic our eyes becomes a reality. And now we can imagine a future that does not depend solely on jet fuel.” — said General Director of EasyJet, Johan Lundgren.

The EasyJet plans include operation of a small elektrozapalom on routes of about 500 miles in the first 10 years of operation. This means that they can be used for flights between European cities and in particular on the route London-Amsterdam, which is the second busiest in this part of the world.

However, despite such a quick start test electroanalyt, companies had to revise their plans to enter the market. Earlier, the first passenger flight was being planned in 2027, but the developers decided to focus on making the more capacious models. Thus, we now issue the “compact” models are planned to be produced in 2030. And in parallel there will be development engines for elektrozapalom 50, 150 and 180 passengers.

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