Economical phone 4 cameras.. Shawty back phone Redmi Note 6

Buy the series Redmi Note from the Chinese giant Shawty providing performance with great battery at an economical price. But it is clear that Shaw will not only provide the advantages of performance and battery just for fans of the series where the next step will include 4 cameras on phone safety next Redmi Note 6.

According to a new image leaked to what appears to be its source is unknown via Reddit, we have a number of the details of the phone Shao next. And you can the phone camera background accurately 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel which is not a surprise that the phone comes with this camera to where he came from Pocophone F1 camera with the same specifications as the Redmi Note 5 the beginning of this year also.

As for the front camera is a surprise of the phone where the phone economic for the first time cameras selfie accurately 20-megapixel and 2-megapixel which means next to the quality of the selfie the better the phone will also feature a Portrait Mode and the advantages of depth using the number two. Shawty had presented the advantage of Portrait Mode with the interface of MiUI 10 for phones that work with one camera but it will work this time better for sure.

The image also shows owning the phone for a battery of 4,000 mah as expected case the previous Redmi Note 5 also indicate that the new phones of Redmi Note 6 will be available with a storage capacity of 32 GB memory, random 3 GB, so we can conclude that the other version would be with a storage capacity of 64 GB and internal memory of 4 GB as most of the phones Shawty economic currently.

Although no pictures show details about the processor of the device however, we can expect the coming of a new phone chip of the series Snapdragon 600 most phones last in the series of Redmayne economic.

When analysing the phone number that appears in images gesture make sure that phone from already, so you can easily expect that this image is the next phone in fact as a specification.

Anyway, his next will be filled with a lot of phones exciting in the world of smartphones, especially after the beginning of the month of October, which would be extremely powerful. Google will be one of the competitors phones Pixel of the new Huawei has a series Mate 10 to be reported, Samsung will be on the phone a new password often.

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